What's New in Project 2016?


Have you upgraded to Project 2016 yet? There are several new features that we are exceptionally excited about.

It’s all about Resource Management in this version. Well, not all, but a lot of the new features are built around resources in one way or another. Project Managers can now request a specific resource (Joe the accountant) to work on a project. Resource Managers, typically those responsible for the resources, can approve or reject these requests. Once approved, Joe the accountant will be assigned to the project and unavailable to work on other projects.

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The Resource Manager mentioned above can be anyone responsible for resources. Sometimes it’s the owner of a small company, sometimes it’s someone in HR, and sometimes it’s the head of a department. Basically, it’s the person that has the authority to assign other people to projects. This is hugely important, because most of our project resources have other jobs within the company right? The accountant mentioned above still has to do his accounting duties, but the Project Manager may not be aware of his other duties or availability. The Project Manager is focused on the project, not day to day operational work. The Resource Manager is the one that juggles the availability and assignments of resources. And this role has long been overlooked in MS Project. 2013 brought some features, and it’s good to see 2016 is giving us even more. Project Online has a lot of these new features as well.

I just love Timelines in Project. It’s a great way to call out important events in the project. Timelines have been enhanced to allow for dragging and dropping between Timelines. Drop a task in the wrong Timeline, or change your mind? Just drag it to a different Timeline. It’s the little things. J

Office’s “Tell Me” has also been added to Project as well. Just type in what you want to do, and it returns a list of options that you can click on, and it’ll take you right to that function. It’s like an interactive shortcut tool, and very helpful for when Microsoft moves things around between tabs and you can’t find the button you’re looking for.

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