Love Krack, baby! WPA2 Encryption vulnerability

October 16th, 2017

Significant vulnerability (Krack) discovered in the WAP/WPA2 wifi encryption standard.
If you’re connecting through wireless connectivity, and you think your connection is encrypted, then you’re impacted by this.  ‘Cuz it turns out your traffic isn’t encrypted.

BI, Events, Salt Mines, Comics and Office 2007 ending

October 2nd, 2017
BI, Events, Salt Mines, Comics and Office 2007 ending

September was an interesting month.  We're talking awards, events, new hires, new services and new (for us) holidays.  At one point, I was about 1,800 feet beneath Lake Erie with Julie (wife) and Kevin Dutkiewicz (not wife, but Technical Director).  A couple weeks later I was in a hot air balloon with Julie (still wife) and Hannibal (grandkid).  Granted, the balloon was tethered and only about 50 feet or so up, but still…

The first event was thanks to a prize I snatched up earlier this year at an event sponsored by Wire-Net.

iOS 11 Breaks Office 365 email

September 21st, 2017

To the point.  If you upgrade your Apple device to iOS 11, your Mail application won’t work with Office 365, or Exchange 2016.

Remember the good old days, where stuff just didn’t work together?  Mac’s hated Windows, Netscape Navigator hated Internet Explorer, and everybody hated disco.

Office 365 says goodbye to Outlook 2007

September 8th, 2017

Outlook in Office 2007 will stop working with Office 365 after October 31st, 2017.
Not partially.  Not feature loss.  It won't work.  You won’t be able to connect your Outlook 2007 to Office 365 in order to get your email or synchronize calendars, contact lists or tasks.

IT Policy and Procedures webinar

September 1st, 2017

Overview on IT Policy and Procedures for your Organization!
Companies depend on Policy and Procedures to inform their employees on "what's right."  Security is a huge issue. Between Ransomware, Phishing attacks and good old fashioned malware, the bad guys are coming up with more and more creative ways to “do their thing.

Eclipse, Dark Web, Ransomware Roadshow!

August 31st, 2017

First, let’s talk about August. Not being in Texas or Louisiana, I can say it’s been a good month for me. Julie (the missus) and I decided to go Eclipse chasing, and headed out to Nebraska. This ended up being one of the weirdest trips we’ve ever gone on.

10 years old, but no Mozart

August 1st, 2017
10 years old, but no Mozart

10 years.  10 freakin’ years.  One decade.  10% of a century.  1% of a millennium.

Mozart was 8 years old when he composed his first symphony.  As a company, we have done zero symphonies.  So, from that standpoint, we’re a bunch of losers.
Simplex-IT was officially started in August 2007.  Sam Hays took a leap of faith (sucker!) and joined me, becoming the first employee.

Now Hiring: Level II Technician

July 31st, 2017

Simplex-IT is Now Hiring a New Level II Technician!
We're Growing!
About Us:
Simplex-IT is a Microsoft focused Managed Service Provider based in Stow, Ohio. We are a people focused, flexible small to medium sized company with a 'can do' attitude. Simplex-IT currently is providing managed services and Cloud solutions to small to medium businesses, non-profits and local government.

#Office365 Administrator Role webinar

July 30th, 2017
#Office365 Administrator Role webinar

Does your organization have too many Global Administrators for your Office 365?
You’re the Global Administrator for your organizations Office 365 tenant.

You have all the power.  Yup, you can do anything, ‘cuz that’s how your world turns.

But you don’t want to handle billing.