Bob’s DC Wrap up #CompTIAFlyin

March 3rd, 2017

Keep in mind, my professional world steers pretty clear of Federal governing.  I will write/email to my Congressman and Senators on occasions (not as much as I should, truth be told).  But involvement on actual Bills or Laws?  Not really.

I started to write this on Thursday afternoon, grabbing a bite to eat while waiting for my plane at Reagan International airport in DC.  I spent the day in DC catching up on work.

New Stuff, Simplex-IT Style!

March 3rd, 2017

Holy Crow.  It’s March.  I know that February is a short month, but seriously?!

A lot of stuff is happening.  A lot of stuff happened.  A lot of stuff is going to happen.

My world has been tossed a bit upside down this week, so the message this month is a bit brief (and the newsletter is a couple of days late).  We should…check that, I should be caught up within the next month.

The Emperor’s New Specs

February 25th, 2017

There once was an Emperor.  That in itself isn’t terribly interesting, nor, in fact, was the Emperor himself.  Which did bother him to no end, since Emperors were supposed to be interesting, wise, and, above all, very Emperor-ish.  Which, alas, he was not.

Bob Visits DC to Talk IT Priorities #CompTIAFlyIn

February 11th, 2017

Bob here.  It’s fun to talk about the big businesses like Ford, Walmart and the like in terms of jobs and impact on the IT industry and the economy.  But it’s the smaller businesses (like mine, and probably yours) that generate the most growth and the most jobs.

Change is good—-ish?

February 3rd, 2017

Boy.  How do I talk about this month?  I’ve written the first two sentences for this month about half a dozen times.  Too urgent.  Too depressing.  Too upbeat.  Funny for the wrong reason.

From a business perspective, this month was pretty productive.

New Year, new web site, new digs, new people, new services…

January 5th, 2017

Happy…what, 2017?  Sheesh.  Talk about a year.  Let’s see.  We had an election that was…well, different.  In that election, we had an epic failure of big data (which in some ways is the most interesting, and most ignored, outcome).  Cleveland had by most accounts a good year, considering the Cavs (expected), Indians (not expected), and ummm…those football guys.