YouTube Red Will Cost You Some Green

b2ap3_thumbnail_youtube_red_400.jpgFor all of you YouTubers out there, you probably already know that the video-playback website is offering a premium service that launched last month. Now you can watch cat videos and other nonsense in an entirely new way. But what do you get with a subscription to YouTube Red? Is it worth the money? Well, let’s find out.

Make Your Digital Life Easier By Consolidating Your Various Email Accounts

b2ap3_thumbnail_solutions_400.jpgHow many email accounts do you have? At the very least, you have one for work and for one that’s personal, and if you’ve been doing email long enough, then you may have a few accounts left over from years ago which you rarely check (like your email address from college). Is there a way to combine these scattered accounts into an email address of your choice?

Tip of Week: Manage Your Photo’s File Sizes to Save Disk Space

b2ap3_thumbnail_resize_images_that_you_share_400.jpgToday, just about everyone has a digital camera in their pockets, which has led to an unprecedented amount of picture taking compared to the days when photos had to be developed. Having more cameras has turned us into a more visual society, but not every amateur photographer understands how to best manage all of their photos, which causes problems.

Book Review: “Black Earth” by Timothy Snyder

Book Review: “Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning” by Timothy Snyder

Wow. Just…wow. I completely misunderstood what this book was going to be about. I first heard the author as a participant in a discussion of some of the current ISIL/Syria/Iraq issues on the radio.

It May Take a While For Windows 10 to Overtake Windows 7

b2ap3_thumbnail_windows_10_now_400.jpgThe hype is still strong for Windows 10, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great operating system that has the potential to change the way your business performs its daily duties. However, the monthly desktop operating system usage statistics released by NetMarketShare hint that Windows 10 adoption is starting to slow down and that many users are simply opting to keep using Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. What gives?

3 Modern Technologies Used By Every Political Campaign

b2ap3_thumbnail_campaign_it_400.jpgIn 19th century America, the hottest innovation for political campaigns was the exposed stump from a fallen tree, thus the stump speech. This technology revolutionized politics by allowing the candidate to elevate himself above the crowd for greater visibility and to better project one’s voice. Today, the political stump speech is obsolete, having its usefulness far surpassed by the technologies of the modern age.

Our Presentation "The Microsoft Experience" now online

We finally have the presentation we made last month online.  Thanks to our friends at the Microsoft Store in Beachwood for letting us have the event at the store (and for lunch!).  We're talking about how Microsoft actually has a strategy about sharing information between users, organizations, platforms, and devices.

"Skype for Business New Features" webinar now online

Skype for Business is probably one of the most under-utilized tools for Office 365.  And it's getting better!

Yesterday's webinar was one of our best-attended ones in awhile.  Hopefully everybody got some value out of it.  As we've been saying, there are some great new features coming out soon.

What's New in Excel 2016?

What's New in Excel? Quite a bit!

Calendar Insights TemplateView your calendar as a dashboard and drill into the data. You'll see how you spend your days, and maybe identify ways to save time. Go to New, and select My Calendar. Import your calendar data and view some interesting metrics like how many hours you’ve spent in meetings and who you meet with with most.