Things That Go Bump in the Server Closet

b2ap3_thumbnail_spooky_technology_400.jpgHalloween is a time to conjure up things that give people the creeps. Scary sounds are just one way to send shivers up the spine. Sounds like, howling werewolves, zombie groans, chainsaws, and bloodcurdling screams are enough to make you want to run and hide. Yet, there’s one sound that’s the most terrifying of them all, and it’s coming from your server room!

Tip of the Week: It Seems Counterproductive, But Taking Breaks Actually Improves Productivity

b2ap3_thumbnail_break_at_work_400.jpgToday’s workplace productivity has reached a peak, but thanks to this enhanced amount of work, the office environment can often feel hectic and stressful. This usually leads to workers skipping breaks just so that they don’t fall behind. While this maintains the semblance of productivity, it can often lead to a significant decrease in creativity and physical health.

What's New in Project 2016?

Have you upgraded to Project 2016 yet? There are several new features that we are exceptionally excited about.

It’s all about Resource Management in this version. Well, not all, but a lot of the new features are built around resources in one way or another.

What's New in Word 2016?

What’s New in Word 2016

Many of the new features of Microsoft Word 2016 were built around collaboration. It's easier than ever to share One Drive or SharePoint files with others, just click Share to invite people to view or edit your document.

Book Review: “Saving Capitalism” by Robert Reich

Ok, 2 confessions up front. I really like Robert Reich. I think I first heard him speak on CNN or the like back talking about Black Monday (back in 1987). I read his book “The Work of Nations” published back in 1992, and I was hooked. He’s seen all over the media, usually espousing what’s seen as an extremely liberal view of the economy.

Professional Sports Add The Internet of Things to the Playbook

b2ap3_thumbnail_nfl_iot_400.jpgThere are those in the technology world that argue that professional sports are of marginal importance. Grown men and women, getting paid vast sums of money by fat-cats that make the average successful business owner look like a pauper, to play games that millions of children play everyday. However, according to a poll taken by CNN/USA Today/Gallup, nearly two-thirds of American respondents admitted to being sports fans. In other nations around the world, the sports that fans follow may differ, but percentages are similar to, or exceed those in the U.S.

New Skype for Business Features come Dec 1st!

For the past 4 years I’ve been saying the same thing. Microsoft is going for a cloud-based communication offering that gives Small to Medium businesses a way to replace and/or integrate their phones with their devices (mobile as well as traditional desktops/laptops/tables).

Ok each year I said “It’ll happen next year.

Tip of the Week: 3 PC Best Practices You Need to Know

b2ap3_thumbnail_pc_practices_400.jpgSometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is return to the basics. For example, you can know all of the keyboard shortcuts in the world, but that doesn’t help you properly shut down your computer. Here are three tips for every computer user who wants to make sure that they’re using PC best practices.

How Does the Cloud Affect Your Networking Strategy?

b2ap3_thumbnail_what_is_a_hybrid_cloud_400.jpgTechnology changes constantly, and as such it can be difficult to change and adapt to new trends in the industry. Cloud services are making the implementation of scalable solutions somewhat easier, but often times integrating cloud solutions is forgotten by business owners who don’t really know what the cloud can offer their organization.