From Magnetic Tape to the Cloud: A Brief Look at the Past 60 Years of Data Storage

b2ap3_thumbnail_history_of_data_storage_400.jpgData storage is such an important part of today’s business environment, but when was the last time you took the time to consider technologies that came before? Technology that exists today couldn’t possibly have existed 50, or even 20 years ago. How have the leaps and bounds made in the tech industry affected the status of data storage, and what does this trend mean for small and medium-sized businesses?

Aspiring Authors Beware: An AI Program Almost Won a Literary Award

b2ap3_thumbnail_ai_author_400.jpgEven if artificial intelligence is still a long ways off, people always try to emulate it and push it toward greater heights. One of the best, most recent examples, is how an artificially intelligent program co-wrote a short novel (or novella) that almost won the Hoshi Shinichi Award. If it won the award, it would have been groundbreaking, but the fact that it came so close to doing so begs the question: how long will it be before computers can emulate human creativity?

The Top 5 Smartphones on the Market Today, Vol. 1

b2ap3_thumbnail_smartphone_version_one_400.jpgYears before Steve Jobs stood up on the stage in San Francisco and proclaimed Apple had brought you the future, the future he spoke of was already being developed, and in some cases utilized already by millions of people around the world. Cellular phone technology had been around for some time by 2007, but the iPhone, set in motion a mobile revolution.

The Accidental Project Manager – Free Webinar!

Are you an "Accidental Project Manager?" If Project Management is not in your job description, but you still end up managing and overseeing projects, this webinar is for you! We’ll show you just what you need to know to successfully manage projects, without a lot of fluff.

41 Microsoft Software Titles Reached Their End of Extend Support or End of Life – In April Alone!

b2ap3_thumbnail_microsoft_eol_400.jpgYou don’t need us to tell you that Microsoft has an extensive library of software products aimed at all kinds of businesses. But, of course, nothing good can last forever, and old solutions eventually give way to more versatile or efficient versions. When this happens, Microsoft stops supporting older software in order to provide better features and experiences to users of more recent versions.

On the Move

A month from now Simplex-IT will be in our new home in Stow. We call it “The Dungeon.” And we’ll have an Open House Party (and yup, you’ll all be invited).

But honestly, it’ll be somewhat bittersweet.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Microsoft and Simplex-IT

Take Your Business to the Next Level for Veteran Business Owners

It's Small Business Week, and Simplex-IT is teaming up with the Microsoft store in Beachwood for an interesting event on Thursday May 5th from 9-11am.


Thursday, May 5th (9am-11am):  Join us for a special, two-hour networking and workshop event for veteran business owners during National Small Business Week at the Microsoft Store.