What We Mean When We Say “Enterprise-Level”

b2ap3_thumbnail_enterprise_business_400.jpgYou’re a small business, and as such, you need technology in order to keep your operations moving forward. Many organizations will refer to their services and products as “enterprise-level,” as if there’s a certain draw to them that wouldn’t ordinarily be there. Here’s what this term means, not just for larger businesses, but for your SMB.

Geek Raffle 2015 – WOW!!

The 6th Annual Simplex-IT Geek Raffle was a huge success and everyone had a great time! We sold $352 in Raffle tickets, and received donations of $100 from Search Masters Inc. and $250 from Wolters Kluwer. Simplex-IT added an additional $500 and brought the total amount raised for Hattie Larlham to $1,202! We would like thank our friends at The Malted Meeple for the use of their facilities and donating drinks for lunch.

Tip of the Week: 5 Simple Ways to Stay On Top of Network Security

b2ap3_thumbnail_network_security_practices_400.jpgSecurity is a top priority in today’s business environment, especially following high-profile hacks of notable enterprises. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that these hacks could have been prevented if both the employees and employers of these organizations followed strict security best practices for their technology. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be hard to teach your team how to properly use technology.

How to Get a Grip On Your Email Inbox

b2ap3_thumbnail_email_best_400.jpgEmail is an aging communication protocol, but it’s still an important asset nonetheless. Even though society continues to push toward bigger and greater things, the modern office still depends on having an email solution for a communication medium. While we can’t get away from email completely, it’s important to make sure that using it is as easy as possible, especially for the busy business owner.

Don’t Migrate to the Cloud Without First Understanding What You’re Getting Into

b2ap3_thumbnail_move_to_the_cloud_400.jpgThere was a time when the cloud was considered nothing more than a novelty, but now that most serious businesses are taking full advantage of cloud computing, it’s time that you consider it a viable option for your organization. For those who are unfamiliar with cloud computing, though, you want to make sure that you properly plan out the process of moving to the cloud. When it comes to remodeling your IT infrastructure around the cloud, doing so can save you a lot of pain.

Your Professional Business Needs a Professional Communications Strategy

b2ap3_thumbnail_unified_communications_400.jpgIt’s not always easy for businesses to keep up with the latest communications technology. Some organizations are still stuck in the days of using antiquated communication mediums that are specific to the individual, rather than to an organization. In order to optimize the way your business communicates both internally and externally, it’s critical that you address the following two opportunities for unified communications.

New Newsletter Format

Hi everyone!

Just a heads up - our monthly newsletter is getting an update! Wanted to let you know it will look a little different, but still contain the same great content you know and love.

Starting in January, our newsletter will be responsive, which means it will be easier to read on your mobile devices.

Office 365 Planner

Back in October we mentioned that Microsoft was working on “Office 365 Planner” a planning tool designed to be easy to use for those cases where MS Project might not be a good fit. Well, it’s getting closer.

From first glance, Office 365 Planner looks pretty cool.

What's New in Outlook 2016?

What’s New in Outlook 2016?

Recently used files: One of my favorite new features of Office 2016 is the recently used file attachment options in Outlook.  You can access your recent items right from your email message. So when you’re working on a document and want to send it as an email file attachment, all of your recent files are right there to select.