Q4 begins for Simplex-IT

October. It’s October. Q4 begins. Halloween begins (note the foggy pic of Simplex-IT's HQ). Followed almost immediately by Election Day. So tricks and/or treats will be shared on multiple days.

Just Because You Backup Your Data, Doesn’t Mean it Will Survive a Disaster

There’s a dangerous misconception that a lot of business owners have about data backup. Too often, an SMB will have a data backup solution in place and the business owner will feel like they’re fully prepared to handle a data loss disaster--without looking into the data recovery capabilities of their backup solution (or the lack thereof). This kind of oversight can lead to a very costly surprise when a disaster strikes and there’s no easy way to restore the lost data.

Google Throws Down the Gauntlet for Hackers to Breach Their New Phone

There are many ways to fund a project, but one of the more interesting ways to do so in today’s web-centric culture is through crowdfunding. It’s been so effective that even major companies like Google are using it to their advantage. Google’s latest project encourages users to hack into the Nexus line of mobile devices to collect potential vulnerabilities, with the promise of prizes for those who are successful.

Tip of the Week: 4 Odd Productivity Tips from Successful People

Having a workflow that works for you is the key to being successful. Sometimes, finding such a routine requires taking some rather extraordinary measures. If you’re looking for ways to tweak your workflow to be more productive, then consider these outside-the-box productivity tips from some of history’s very successful people.

Shhhh! Library of Congress Hacked

Not since the British burned the Library of Congress to the ground in the War of 1812 has there been a more devastating attack on the famous library. Only this time, the recent attack was of the digital variety and King George III had nothing to do with it.