A Beginner's Guide to SharePoint

Whether you’re new to Office 365 and SharePoint, or have been trying to figure it out on your own for a while, this basic overview is for you.

What is SharePoint? It’s basically a collection of different webpages that store various files. You can save, organize, edit and share any files on SharePoint. It’s important to mention that there are different SharePoint products (SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, SharePoint Foundation, and SharePoint Designer). For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be mainly talking about SharePoint Online, but most of the basic functionality is going to be the same across all the versions.

Two of the most common things you’ll see on SharePoint are Document Libraries and Team Sites. Document Libraries are a collection of related files. You can create document libraries however you’d like, whether it be by department, project, client etc. It’s easy to move files from one document library to another, so even if things change and you want to reorganize, you’ll have no problem.

Team sites are a great way to organize relevant information. In addition to storing files in a Document Library, Team Sites allow you to add various components to the SharePoint site such as Calendars, Contacts, Lists, Tasks, Announcements, and more. All you have to do it edit the page and pick the component you want.

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