Cleveland Accounting Show – Has Your Space Been Invaded?

Cleveland Accounting Show – Has Your Space Been Invaded?

All I can say is wow! Simplex-IT had its first ever trade show booth at the Ohio Society of CPA’s Cleveland Accounting Show at the IX Center last week. We thought we’d keep it light and fun (that’s us you know!) so we went with a plan around the Atari Space Invaders game. We had the game set up, and gave away light up USB Spacemen for high scores. Every who entered the drawing to win an Atari Flashback walked away with a Simplex-IT Rocket Pen, and a few folks got a Simplex-IT Koozie (cool cans, cool geeks)! And I have to say that the response was overwhelming! CPAs lined up to take a break from their breakout sessions and trainings to play Space Invaders and share geek nostalgia stories with us. One person who was having a hard time stepping away was heard giving herself a pep talk “I can’t be stuck playing video games, I am a serious accountant. I need to get to my ethics training!”

Of course we had fun, that’s what we do! But we also covered some serious topics. Bob spoke at two breakout sessions, one on Security titled, “Keeping Your Data (and your client’s data) Safe From Hackers” and one on how professional services careers are changing titled, “The Future of Professionals.” We had great groups for both of them.

We were giving away a special offer too – all attendees were eligible to receive a FREE 1-2 hr Security Review with Bob if the let us know they were interested by the end of the show! We are hoping to help as many people as possible identify possible security threats. There’s no strings attached, if they want our help to mitigate the threats, great. If they got a guy, that’s fine too. We provide a detailed report of the findings at the end of the call for you to proceed with however you’d like. Bummed you weren’t there and think you can’t take advantage of this offer? You’re wrong. I bet if you gave Kayla a call at 234-380-1277 x501 right now you could talk her into getting a FREE review scheduled for you as well!

We'll see you next year Clevland Accounting Show!


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