Free IT Security Training for your end users from Simplex-IT

PIIThe bad guys are getting more and more creative.  For the last 2-3 years we’ve been harping about the increased security risk facing all of us due to the bad guys out finding more ways to make money through technology shenanigans.

We’ve been increasing our vigilance. We’ve been adding layers of technology. Replacing Firewalls with UTM’s. Adding layers of protection on the desktops. Dynamically verifying web sites before we allow users to visit.

Workstations are being patched more aggressively, and we’re patching 3rd party apps such as Java and Flash regularly.

About the only thing we’ve left alone has been the user. We’ve discussed “don’t open strange stuff” and “don’t click on strange links.” Honestly we haven’t seen a password on a Post-It note under a keyboard in years (believe me, we’ve looked<g>). But the problem is that the bad guys have gotten smarter, and better at hiding the links and attachments.

So we’re going to make our users smarter.

Starting in November Simplex-IT is adding Online IT Security Training for our customers. We’ll create a portal for each customer. All of the employees can be easily added.

  • Training includes slides/text/videos

  • Training is aimed at educating users on what they should look for when opening files and clicking on links, phishing, protecting against breaches.

  • Employees can start, stop, continue training at their leisure (total time is 60-90 minutes)

  • System knows where they left off

    • Employees work at their own pace

    • Training takes around 1 hour to complete

  • Employees take 20 question security quiz (need 80% to pass)

  • Keep track of progress of employees

This can be used as part of a new-hire process, and will be updated annually with new content.

We’ve actually got some additional ideas in process besides this, by the way.

Would you believe this is going to be free?

Yup. For our customers who have Gold or Platinum plans, we’ll be adding this service absolutely free.

For customers who have Silver plans or are purchasing their Office 365 through us (CSP program), the cost will be $1 per month per mailbox. And since all of our agreements are 30-day out, you can keep the program going until all your employees have completed their training, and then drop it. So you could offer this training for $1 per employee (if you can get everyone done within the month).

If you don’t have an agreement with us, shoot me an email at and we’ll talk.

Interested? We thought so! We’re setting up a special webinar on October 26th at 11am to demonstrate and discuss this new program.  It's free (of course) and open to anyone interested in what we're up to!

Click here for more information and to RSVP!


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