Marketing the Message

RR Freshman 90 day awardIt’s September. Summer is pretty much done, and we’re rounding into Fall. Before long people will talk about whether we’re supposed to wear white, how the kids are finally back in school, and whether or not the Browns will get the number 1 or 2 draft pick.  The Indians will make the playoffs, and nobody wants to go see them in case it's just a rumor.

Good times.

But the elections will also swing into high gear. Ok, they’ve there for months. What’s the next gear up then? Ultrasonic?

Spinal Tap was right. There is an ’11.’

One of the things we’ve been working on over the past 3-4 months is systemizing our marketing approach. In the past our approach to marketing has been to just throw it out there. Lunchinars, eNewsletters, webinars, events. With the goal of selling, but no real method to the madness. We were successful, to be sure. But we weren’t really consistent in terms of turning the connections into relationships.

Case in point: Company calls us in a panic yesterday. We’ve done some work with them in the past, but nothing regular. Their email server isn’t processing emails (I’ve heard that’s a bad thing…sometimes I’m not sure about that<g>). They’re not sure what to do.

No problem. I spent about 10 minutes or so with them, walking them through a couple of troubleshooting thoughts. We find the problem, suggest some temporary solutions, and get them set.

Never occurred to me to talk billing rates, emergency services, ask for pizza. That’s how we roll (mmmm….pizza rolls…).

Anyway, we don’t want to lose that advantage (we do view that mentality as a competitive advantage), but want to become more “sales oriented.” So we’re (spearheaded by Patti and Kayla) getting a lot more sophisticated in terms of marketing campaigns, metrics and measurements.

What does this mean to our dedication to sharing our knowledge? Uh…nothing. Quarterly Executive Sessions will continue (next one in October for “Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery”). 2 Webinars a month. More tweets of useful information than ever (does Patti sleep?). More blog articles than ever (not sales pitches). Geek Raffle fundraiser in December. eNewsletter still shipping.

We joined a cult…I mean a world-wide MSP (“Managed Service Provider”, which is what we do) peer Marketing group back in June, and were recognized at a meeting in Nashville as one of the top 3 new (to the group) MSP’s in terms of implementing new marketing strategies. Which was a nice surprise (there were about 100 or so in the new group).

And we’re about to introduce 3 new offerings to our customers in the area of security and network monitoring. More about that moving forward.

Oh, and we’re welcoming our latest part-time technician, Connor Coppedge. Yup, Coppedge. Why does he have that last name? Some theories:

  1. He lost a bet

  2. Cloning works!

  3. Nephew

  4. Identity Theft has a whole new side

Busy. On the personal side, getting ready for grandkid #5 to join us in a couple of months, and Julie and I are hosting our 16th annual Clam Bake.

Like I said.  Busy!

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