Ohio Society of CPA's Cincinnati Accounting Show

Boy, the CPAs in Cincinnati sure know how to make a company feel welcome! You may have heard us talking about this group before, Bob frequently presents a variety of IT topics at their CPE Days and the larger regional Accounting Shows. So, Tuesday morning we headed to Cincinnati to do it again. Our first breakout session was "Keeping your data safe from Hackers" and we had about 80 attendees. CPAs in Cincinnati sure do take security seriously, which is great! Unfortunately, we ran out of our super cool four color rocket pens, because we weren't expecting such a turnout. So if you need a pen or two, just email Kayla@Simplex-IT.com and we'll get you some. The second session was "The Future of Professions" where Bob talked about what the future of professionals such as CPAs might look like. It was interesting to see how things have changed for professionals over the years, and what's in store for the future. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us! We will be speaking at the Cleveland Accounting Show next (10/19-10/20) and we are going to have an exhibitor table there full of retro fun as well. Stop by and see us!

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