Project Online Subscription Plans have changed

The subscriptions for Project Online, which includes Project Lite, Project for Office 365, Project Pro for Office 365, and Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365, have changed. And not a minute too soon in my opinion. The old subscription plan was confusing and difficult to explain, and Microsoft did a pretty good job simplifying it.

Now there are 3 options: Project Online Essentials, Project Online Professional, Project Online Premium.

Essentials is for Team Members, they see their tasks and projects. They can provide status update to their tasks, see the overall project schedule and access the project site.

Professional is for Project Managers, or anyone maintaining a project schedule. This subscription allows users to create a project schedule, assign resources, view project reports.

Premium is for Portfolio Managers, Resource Managers, or anyone that needs to see an overall view of all of their projects. When you need to know how all your projects are doing, the overall availability of all of your resources, and who’s doing what, this is your answer.

There’s a great overview from Microsoft here: Project Online Subscriptions

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