Q4 begins for Simplex-IT

Foggy HQOctober. It’s October. Q4 begins. Halloween begins (note the foggy pic of Simplex-IT's HQ). Followed almost immediately by Election Day. So tricks and/or treats will be shared on multiple days.  In the meantime, we've got breakfast, Disasters, Booths, Space Invaders, Free training and driving Kayla nuts.  Yup, we're busy.

Aaaaaaaand, lots of stuff happening. We’re having our second Executive Event since moving to Stow. It’s actually this Wednesday, and it’s going to be our first breakfast (at our office). We’ll be talking about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. But we’ll be going beyond the traditional server backups. We’ll also talk about cloud backups, remote worker backups and of course, planning out your recovery and continuity options.

We have our first real conference booth this month (the Ohio Society of CPA’s 2016 Cleveland Accounting Show). Without going into details, I’ll just say: Want to win stuff? How good are you at Space Invaders?

But it’s not only booth stuff. I’ll also be presenting two topics: “Keeping your data safe from Hackers” (IT Security overview for SMB’s) and “The Future of the Professional.” I’m actually looking forward to the second offering. I just delivered both topics in Cincinnati last month to about 100 or so folks and they went pretty well.

On the drive down to Cincinnati, I noticed two vanity plates within about 5 minutes. The first, “NINE11.” The second, “WAFFLEZ.” Within my mind almost immediately a romantic comedy movie was born.

We’re also introducing a new form of training for employees of our customers. As you know, we’ve been talking about security a lot lately. And one of the main lines of defense for security is an educated user base. How do you know what emails to open and which to delete right away?

Our Gold and Platinum customers are going to be receiving notifications in the next month about a new free service that will include online training for all employees, and the ability to track employees as they take this training (which takes 1-2 hours and includes quizzes and a final test). So employers will be able to require and verify employees to take this training.

And we’re going to include this offering to our Gold and Platinum customers without additional charge. Our Silver and Office 365 CSP customers will also be offered the same program, at minimal cost ($1/month/email user account). We’ll be announcing the offering and hosting a webinar later this month (don’t have the date down yet). Email me (Bob@Simplex-IT.com) if you’re interested.

If you’re not a customer of ours but still interested, let me know and we’ll see what we can work out.

We found out that Case Weatherhead is recognizing Simplex-IT as an Upstart (which is part of their “Weatherhead 100” program). More on that as we figure out what that actually means<g>.

We’re also expanding our offices, adding another 4 offices to help us with planned growth for 2017. They’ll be ready for us by end of year.

By the way, Kayla (Inside Sales) is starting to study and understand Microsoft Open Value and 365 CSP licensing. Anyone hoping to have a conversation with a normal and sane Kayla should arrange to do so quickly<g>.

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