New Grandkid, Swordplay, Geek Raffle

So. November. You played me. In so many ways, by so many methods. Some wonderful. Some reaaally annoying. Some…so close. So very, very close. But it’s time to say goodbye.

But we also need to say hello to my latest grandson, Alexander Locke Shonk. He joined the world on November 18th. He’s been around for about 2 weeks and still can’t speak a word, he leaks from everywhere, and doesn’t have a job yet, so I’ve gotta say I’m a bit disappointed. But apparently, my daughter and her husband are keeping him, so we’ll see.

Travelled a bit in November. I was in Columbus, Nashville and Orlando (all work) over a span of just over a week. Don’t know how (or why, for that matter) Road Warriors do it.

Spoiler alert: Our new web site should be rolling out for the New Year. Seemed appropriate.

GeneralAlso had a chance to hear and meet (well, picture-line meet) Retired General Stanley McChrystal. I’m in the process of reading his latest book “Teams of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World.” To be honest, wasn’t planning on reading it (even though I have a signed copy) until I heard him speak. He’s got an interesting insight into the future of organizational structure. More on that in a month or two.

Annual Geek Raffle is coming up next week. 6th year we’ve done it. It really is fun, and everybody has a good time. You should check it out.

Betcha didn’t know I could strike a pose onstage with a sword? Yup. I now have a “stage” sword. And I was onstage at the winter home of the Ohio Shakespeare Festival learning how to use it with Ryan Zarecki, OSF's fight director. He's smiling because I haven't stuck him. I'm smiling because the evening isn't over.

For those of you who know, for the past 15 years I’ve been the Creative/Executive Director of an Improv group called “Point of No Return.” I made the decision a month or so ago to “retire” (it’s been a blast) at the end of this year. As of writing I’ve got two more shows before the end of the year. Over the years I’ve worked with probably close to 50 or so folks, some experienced and others brand new to the craft. As young as 13 and as old as…well, me. Like I said. It’s been a blast.

About 250 companies are going to be getting ducks in January. If you’re one of the folks, you’ve been warned.

Another 200 folks are getting dancing robots.

The Senior Team (whatever that means) at Simplex-IT is getting ready to head out to a party tonight (Dec 1st). One where they give awards out. I have to wear a suit.

Hello, December!