Awesome Productivity and Communication with Microsoft Teams

January 31st, 2017
1Have you heard of Microsoft Teams yet? It's a new chat-based productivity tool which allows users to collaborate in rooms with integrations to Office 365. It's very similiar to Slack if you've used that, but because it's Microsoft it has all the integrations to other Microsoft tools. You can have real time discussions, share files, and review a history of previous discussions. Hate tracking down emails or getting tons of 'reply all' emails? Teams is a great solution for that.
We've been trying it out here at Simplex-IT for a few months, and we are liking what we're seeing. We'd like to share what we've learned with you at the February Office Webinar as well, join us!
Check out this Microsoft blog and video for a sneak peek!
All attendees will be eligible to win a FREE Office 365 subscription!