SQL – You don’t need to have the most current version to get the most value!

Business IntelligenceAlthough Microsoft has recently released the latest version (2016) of its flagship data management platform, you can gain significant business value with prior versions as well. If you currently use a previous version, and aren’t ready to upgrade yet, you aren’t left behind. SQL Server 2014 and 2012 are loaded with features that can help your business do more – with what you already have! For example, the Business Intelligence features first appeared in version 2008. It’s good stuff, is included at no additional charge, and has been enhanced in every version since.

For many years, each successive version of SQL Server has brought features and value that cause nearly everyone to declare ‘it’s better than previous versions’. But some of the improvements of the latest versions only matter if your company is using ‘that’ particular feature. There is still plenty of value even if you are not. After all, we’re talking about the feature sets that have allowed SQL Server to become a dominant force in the database server market. At the release of version 2014, SQL Server had 46% market share worldwide. (Just ask Oracle or IBM how ‘impactful’ those previous versions of SQL Server were to their bottom line!)

So, let’s take a look what prior versions can do for your business. How can they help with the bottom line?

Once again, we’ll be following Simplex-DBA’s '3 Pillars of Good Data' perspective.

Data Usefulness - how does it help make your data more usable?

  • Implementing Business Intelligence solutions is much easier than in the past. And there are more reporting options and visuals available.
  • Integration with existing and new sources of data has been made much easier and effective.
  • This means lower costs and faster implementation of reporting solutions.
Data Performance - how does it help you get the data you need when you need it?

  • ‘In Memory’ technologies reduce processing times by a factor of 10! Check your inventory or take new orders even faster.
Data Health - how does it help ensure your data is protected and secure?

  • Features that protect your data from catastrophe have been evolving throughout the feature set of SQL Server for years. They worked then, they just do more now.
  • High Availability, backup to the cloud, virtual machines in the cloud – giving you more ways to protect and secure your business data.

Despite it’s wonderful feature set, we know what really matters is how it can help give your business more value. How can SQL Server make your business run better or solve the daily problems business owners face?

Here's a recent example of bringing additional business value to a client using SQL Server.

A client wanted to have a new reporting system that would address the shortcomings of the existing solution. The source data was stored exclusively in a partner's system. It would take 2 people 3 days to prepare the monthly reports. Also, the process was tedious and error prone. But they did have a SQL Server license.

The solution was very simple to achieve using MS SQL Server. With 6 weeks of effort, the client now had:

  1. Their data brought onsite to their premises, in real time, including all historical, current and future data
  2. a Data Mart to house the reporting data, in a properly organized, yet easily digestible layout
  3. 6 management reports, which can be rendered by any staff member desired, within 2 minutes - averaging just 2 clicks per report

The client was now able to free up the 2 employees to work on other projects or assignments. Their increased productivity means the project pays for itself simply with the passage of time! And their confidence in the report data increased as auditability was included in the solution design.

The client was able to gain this benefit simply by using some additional features of SQL Server, which they already had licensed. Now that’s business value! Something you can experience as well with SQL Server.

Simplex-DBA is fully committed to the Microsoft SQL Server platform from an Administration, Development and Support perspective. It is a solid data management platform with an exciting feature set.

Let's have a chat about how we can help you make the most of your data and improve your bottom line. We offer a no-charge, 2 hour initial assessment of your environment. Give us a call at 234-380-1277, x 401 and ask for Doug. We can help you with things like:

  • Using the Business Intelligence tools to improve your operational efficiency
  • Upgrading existing or performing new installations of SQL Server
  • Addressing the ‘it’s running slowly’ problem. Often it’s not the hardware.
  • Ensuring your backups are valid? Have you tried restoring from them lately?

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