Change is good—-ish?

February 3rd, 2017

my-doorBoy. How do I talk about this month? I’ve written the first two sentences for this month about half a dozen times. Too urgent. Too depressing. Too upbeat. Funny for the wrong reason.

From a business perspective, this month was pretty productive. We’ve got a tech position open, we’re adding on the sales/marketing side. We’ve expanded into our additional office space. We’re looking at adding 2-3 new clients in the next month. Our pipeline looks pretty good.

We’re looking for a good experienced tech to join our group. For the first time we’re trying LinkedIn as a hiring tool (just posted earlier in the week). Prior to that we’ve relied heavily on ZipRecruiter. So far we’re actually pretty pleased with the response (but open to new applicants!).

My suspicion is we’ll be adding another new tech position by the end of the month. Stay tuned on that!

There’s another new person starting next week here at Simplex-IT. He’ll be working more with Patti and Kayla. Check out our blog next week for more info on that!

Does your company have Policies and Procedures in place for IT? If you’re like most companies, probably not. Want to solve that? Want to support a non-profit at the same time? Stay tuned, we’re going to be announcing what we think is a really cool event coming up in the next month or so (March or April).

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m heading back to DC later this month to take part in CompTIA’s annual DC Fly-In. This will be the second year I’ve participated in this. There will be two folks (I’m one, if you’re counting) representing the IT world for the state of Ohio. We’ll be meeting with several Senators/Congressfolks (or members of their staff) from Ohio. The key topic this year seems to be the IT skills gap and workforce development.

I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of partisanship last year, and the quality of discussions I was able to have. This year? Hopefully the same, but we’ll see.

I went to Orlando last year for my quarterly peer review (usually in Nashville). Very insightful in terms of how we’re doing our marketing and sales process. As we move from that small to medium sized organization, our learning curves are interesting. Anybody want to have a conversation in terms of what they’re doing with their organization and trade notes, I’d love to chat!

You may see Kayla’s article about our first LinkedIn experience in marketing. Good learning experience for us, and it worked well enough (versus cost) that we’re probably going to be trying some additional campaigns in the next couple of months. We’re probably going to be promoting our SQL-based BI and monitoring services.

And we’re expanding! Part of our plan when we moved to Stow was to have room to grow. We’re adding an additional four offices. Patti has already moved into her new digs. Kayla will be moving in the next couple of weeks and then it’ll be my turn.

Change. Seems to be pretty constant.

See ya next month!