New People! New Pie! Seminars!

April 2nd, 2017

Ok, we're near the end of winter. The Indians start playing and we always have at least one home game with the slightest of snow flurries. So it's ok. We're almost into Spring (don't care what the calendars or Groundhogs say).

And even if it's after April 1st, it was still April 1st recently. Just sayin'.

And as always, lots of stuff happening here. We added Rob Walters, not to be confused with Rob Walker) to the Inside Sales side of things. He's already adding a certain flair to our daily routines. Nothing picks up a 10am meeting like rabbit ears. Especially when they change color through the day.

Actually, that’s just part of the changes going on right now. We’ve finalized moving into what we call the “West Wing” of Simplex-IT, with myself, Patti, Kayla and Rob of the Rabbit Ear fame moving our offices over there. And we’ve added some additional artistic flair, and pointed out by Tech Director Kevin Dutkiewicz standing by our latest addition.

We’ve got a security seminar in a couple of weeks. And we’ve already got almost 20 people signed up for it (still space for about 15 more, but I’d hurry if I were you).

We also through a quick “thank you” for our Gold and Platinum customers to help celebrate Pi Day, March 14th (3.14? Get it? Huh??). Yup, we’re trying new things all the time. We’ve got another usual item coming up later this month.

And our latest tech is joining us later this month. His name is….ah, let’s wait until he starts (don’t want to jinx it or steal his thunder).

We’re also putting together a workshop that’s going to officially see the light of day in July. This is going to be a 4 hour workshop where the attendees will actually be walked through creating Policies and Procedures for their employees as it relates to IT. You’ll walk away with the information necessary to finalize the PnP’s for your company. Now, this is a brand new undertaking for us (or any other Managed Service Provider that we know of). But we’re excited to be putting this together.

It won’t be free. We’re going to ask for a $150 fee, all of which will be donated to a Blast Guiblastoma, a non-profit organization seeking to raise money for brain tumor research. But we think it’s a great way for small-medium organizations to create IT Personnel Policies quickly and effectively. We’ll be limiting attendance to no more than 15 organizations.

Now, here’s the rub. We want to run through this workshop in May. So we’re going to be looking for some guinea pigs who are willing to help with a dry run. If you’re interested in taking part (don’t have a firm date yet), let me know (