Dealing with ex-Employees using Office 365

April 24th, 2017

How do you deal with Office 365 data when an employee leaves?

Announcing a new series of webinars from Simplex-IT focusing on the Administration of Office 365.

For the past several years Simplex-IT has been sharing information for end users about getting the most out of Microsoft Office (and other tools found in the 365 mix).

Now it’s time to turn it up a notch and talk about 365 Management and Administrative tasks. Things that an organization can (and should) do to use Office 365 to its full effect.

We’re going to start with the question of employees leaving your organization. What happens to their old emails? Who should have access? What happens to emails sent to their address? Do we need to keep paying for the license? How do we implement their replacement?

There are a lot of ways to approach this question. Join Bob Coppedge (yup, he’s doing the webinar…sorry about that<g>) as he reviews options including Shared Mailboxes, Mailbox Delegation and email Aliases as tools that you can use to make sure that an employee leaving doesn’t leave your organization…disorganized.

Instead of answering this question every time an employee leaves, develop a standard process! Technically it’s pretty easy, once you answer some key questions (which we’ll cover).

Join us on Tuesday May 16th at 2pm Eastern. If we get good feedback on this topic we’ll do more of the same! As always it’s free!

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