Chaotic Business as Usual

May 1st, 2017

Sophos Simplex-IT PresentationLast week, Vegas. This week, Nashville. More new people. Saying goodbye. Last months’ Security Lunchinar. New workshop. New webinar. Salt mines. IT Security. Space Invaders.

You know. Just another week.

Ok, Kevin Dutkiewicz (Tech Director) and I were in Las Vegas last week to participate in the annual Sophos Partner Conference. For those of you who don’t keep up, Sophos is our primary partner in terms of providing IT security for our customers. We’ve been a Sophos Partner since around 2008 or so. Back in 2013 I heard (at their Partner Conference) their vision, and it’s really starting to gel. Integrated security products, services and process. Good stuff.

That’s why they were part of our Executive Lunchinar last month (watch it on here YouTube if you missed it). It was great to get a couple dozen folks together to talk security for a couple of hours.

This week Patti Smerk, Marketing Director (and Project Management Director, which is now taking up about half of her time) will be heading down to Nashville for the annual BootCamp put on by Technology Marketing Toolkit folks. That’ll be 3 days of intense marketing development (and I’ll be holed up with the 8 or so other MSP CEO’s that make up my peer group).

We’re already starting some new things (in terms of Marketing). May 16th will be our first Office 365 Admin webinar. It’ll be aimed at Office 365 Administration, instead of end user stuff. Our first one will deal with a simple question: What do you do with the Office 365 data (and email address) for a former employee? We’ll see if this will be a one-time webinar or there’s enough interest to do more.

Speaking of new things, this one’s a doozey. We’ve talked about it, now it’s time to deliver. We’ve put together a workshop that helps an organization develop their Policy and Procedures regarding IT. We think it’s a great idea, and don’t know of anybody else in our business putting something like this together. We’ve got a “dry run” scheduled for May 17th, and are opening this up for a small (no more than 8) group of folks. Gold and Platinum customers get first dibs, then we’ll open up to everybody else. We’ll ask participants for feedback, and open it up again for a repeat in July.

We were a Silver Sponsor (for the 3rd year, I think) of WIRE-Net’s annual meeting, attended by 250 or so folks. This year we brought our “Is Your Space Being Invaded?” setup, and a good time was had by all.

But they added a new twist. A quick auction was held with proceeds going to support internships and other programs at the Max S. Hayes Career and Technical High School. Good cause. And the item that caught my eye? A tour for 3 people of the Cleveland Salt Mine, which is about 2,000 under Lake Erie.

I won the auction. So Julie (the missus) and I will be checking that out later this year. The 3rd person? To Be Determined.

We said goodbye last month to Freddie Bracken, who started as an intern here about a year ago and stayed with us part-time since then. Freddie’s going back to school, and we wish him the best of luck. Sharp kid.

We also added a new Senior Tech, Kurt Ketchum. He started a week or so ago. We’ll post more of his information within the next few days.

The book? It’s moving along, albeit slowly. First pass is complete (and downright ugly<g>). Second pass (which makes it readable, hopefully) is about 20%. Writing is hard.

And I’ll close with our secretive Project IT. Proof of Concept is complete. Including the QR code interface. Next steps include some additional testing, possibly some Intellectual Property research. This is actually going to be either really, really cool. Or moderately interesting.

Or we’ll never talk about it again<g>.