Simplex-IT Welcomes June

June 1st, 2017
Simplex-IT Welcomes June
Ok, so June is here. Summer is upon us. The Cavs find themselves in the Finals again (does that become boring at some point?) for the 3rd time in as many years. The Indians find themselves in the lead (albeit not playing as well as some would expect). And the Browns…ah…huh.
This is the end of our first year here at Castle Simplex-IT. Well, actually the dungeon, but you get the idea. We’re growing into the space, which is great. As you see elsewhere we added Kurt (although he technically started in May). We also added a new intern within the past week (more on him next month).
We held our first trial version of our new “IT Policy and Procedure Workshop” in May, and it went great! We’re ready to “Go live” in July and got great feedback (both for marketing and improving it). This is really a different type of IT event, where we help organizations develop their IT Policies and Procedures. We’re limiting the event to 15 attendees (it’s a full-day workshop). Click here for more info.
We did our first “365 Admin” webinar, which seemed to go well (it’s on YouTube if you missed it).
We’re going to change our approach as to Project Management webinars. We’re not getting a ton of attendees but we’re getting a lot of interest in the videos once they’re on YouTube. So we’re (ahhh…I mean Patti<g>) going to start creating some “straight to YouTube” videos on Project Management and Project Online. If you think this is a great or stupid idea (or a combination), I’d love to hear feedback.
But we’re going to replace it. I want to continue to have 2 “live” online events each month, along with a quarterly event at our HQ. So we’re going to be adding a new monthly online event. Not ready to discuss details…but it’ll be Kevin Dutkiewicz (Tech Director) and I. And it’s either going to be really cool or cancelled after one show.
And Project IT? I think we’ll be publicly announcing it in August.
Oh, and my Book? Well, the picture for this month is actually part of the project (for the cover). Yup, no beard.