Congratulations on your A+ Certification Alaa!

Alaa Hamdan A+

At Simplex-IT, we take note when one of our own reaches that rite of passage, gaining their A+ Certification, and today we honor Alaa Hamdan for both finishing up his semester at Western Governors University and renewing his A+ Certification by passing both exams with flying colors! “It wasn’t that difficult, it just was a lot of information. It includes a lot of different technologies from the I.T. field, both hardware and software systems.” This completes Alaa’s second semester toward his Bachelor’s in Network Administration and along with his Network + Certification bolsters Alaa’s specializations in the field. “I.T. was interesting to me,” he reminisced, “because I was just curious growing up about how things worked. You go on the internet, you do stuff with computers, but you don’t get to see what’s happening in the background, you don’t see the magic behind the machines. I’ve always been interested in how things work. Now I know the magic.” Be it studious or supernatural, Simplex-IT is proud to honor “Alaa The I.T. Magician’s” A+ Certification this month.