#Office365 Administrator Role webinar

July 30th, 2017
#Office365 Administrator Role webinar

Office 365Does your organization have too many Global Administrators for your Office 365?

You’re the Global Administrator for your organizations Office 365 tenant.

You have all the power. Yup, you can do anything, ‘cuz that’s how your world turns.

But you don’t want to handle billing. It would be easier if Jerry handled that. And wow, user password resets are a pain. Let those 3 people over in Helpdesk handle those! And to be honest, you don’t really understand compliance, do you? Not really, that’s really Ann’s specialty.

Soooo, let's make them all Global Administrator! Yup, that let's them do everything that their job or expertise requires. Plus. Everything. Else.

Ah, ok...no. We've seen that at many customers when we're first introduced. Many Global Administrators, but only because that one person needs to do that one thing.

Thankfully, Office 365 has specific Administrator roles for each of those situations, and more. These roles are specifically configured to give the rights needed for that particular job role, and nothing more. Join Bob Coppedge as he reviews all of the Administrator roles available in Office 365, and why you would use them. These roles include:

  • Billing administrator
  • Compliance admin
  • Dynamics 365 (online)
  • Dynamics 365 service administrator
  • Exchange administrator
  • Global administrator
  • Password administrator
  • Power BI administrator
  • Service administrator
  • SharePoint administrator
  • Skype for Business administrator
  • User management administrator

The webinar is free and open to the public.

  • When: Tuesday, August 15 from 2-2:30pm (eastern)
  • Where: Online
  • RSVP: Click here

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