IT Policy and Procedures webinar

September 1st, 2017

Overview on IT Policy and Procedures for your Organization!

Companies depend on Policy and Procedures to inform their employees on "what's right." Security is a huge issue. Between Ransomware, Phishing attacks and good old fashioned malware, the bad guys are coming up with more and more creative ways to “do their thing.” Whether their goal is disruption, extortion or data theft, successful breaches are bad news. Hiding behind the old “we’re too small to be worth hacking” just isn’t a legitimate form of defense.

"Bob is straightforward and generous with his knowledge. He presents complicated topics in a manner that many can appreciate. I will definitely recommend this workshop to everyone." - Anne Schaum, Wire-Net

So you go ahead and purchase and configure firewalls, endpoints, and add multi-factor authentication processes. You’ve still got the most vulnerable facet of your organization.

Annoying, pesky humans.

Part of the challenge is that organizations aren’t consistently defining (and informing) their employees what they’re supposed to do. Can they work from home using their own system? Can they install software on their work devices? What’s supposed to happen to data and accounts when an employee leaves?

Yup, we’re talking Policies and Procedures. It’s tough to find useful resource that are really aimed at the Small to Medium organizations.

"I recommend this workshop to anyone looking to 1. Learn the IT policy and procedure issues 2. Learn the talking points, current, ongoing, and developing IT security issues 3. Learn solutions to IT policies and procedures" - Csilla Smith, NORMLS

We’ve put together a new kind of workshop. To the best of our knowledge, we’re the first Managed Service Provider *anywhere* to try to do this.

In this half-hour webinar Bob will review (from a 30,000 ft view) how to organize IT Policies and Procedures for your organization. And at the end we’ll discuss a low-cost way that you can get a complete set of:

  • Complete “starting set” of Policy and Procedure
  • Working meeting with Simplex-IT to begin the process of customizing to your organization
  • Formal IT Security training for your end users
  • Phishing attack tests (will your employees click what they shouldn’t?)

When: Thursday, September 14th from 2-2:30pm (eastern)

Cost: Free (see above)

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