BI, Events, Salt Mines, Comics and Office 2007 ending

October 2nd, 2017
BI, Events, Salt Mines, Comics and Office 2007 ending

September was an interesting month. We're talking awards, events, new hires, new services and new (for us) holidays. At one point, I was about 1,800 feet beneath Lake Erie with Julie (wife) and Kevin Dutkiewicz (not wife, but Technical Director). A couple weeks later I was in a hot air balloon with Julie (still wife) and Hannibal (grandkid). Granted, the balloon was tethered and only about 50 feet or so up, but still…

Salt MineThe first event was thanks to a prize I snatched up earlier this year at an event sponsored by Wire-Net. It was an underground tour of the Cleveland Salt Mine through Cargill Deicing Technology. They don’t give these tours to the general public (I won this in an auction). If you get the chance, take it. Absolutely worthwhile. We’re talking truly miles of pathways, with huge vehicles. Buildings underground. Large machines drilling holes for explosives. And when it’s dark, it is seriously dark. And when you leave, you get to take some free salt!

I should mention that Wire-Net (Simplex-IT is a member) is having another auction, and the tour is in fact one of the items. Check it out here.

Some of you may have received our most recent “Holiday” celebration, specifically “National Comic Book Day.” Patti, Kayla and Rob mailed or hand delivered comic books to about 50 of our customers. This goes hand in hand with our handling of “Pie Day” back in March.

September was busy for us. We had five events last month. Usually we have at least two. Five is probably our largest number for a single month. We had:

  • Dark Web Webinar
  • Sophos Ransomware Roadshow
  • Policy and Procedure Webinar
  • National Comic Book Day
  • Microsoft Planner Webinar

October will be busy as well:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Webinar (notice we didn’t say “Office” 365)
  • Power BI Webinar
  • Booth at Ohio CPA Society conference
  • Power BI talk at Ohio CPA Society conference

We also added a new face here, Korrey Hull. He just started with us, and you’ll learn more about him during October. He brings our total tech count to 5 full time technicians here. We’re planning to add up to 2 part-time between now and year end (those of you who are familiar with the MSP world will recognize one of them, that’s all I’ll say to that note).

Not to get too far into the future, but just a heads up that there will be a Geek Raffle in December. And it looks like we’ll be switching it to an after-work event (not finalized yet). We’ll be at the Malted Meeple. More on that soon.

We also (quietly) launched a new payment portal last month. When I say we, I mean Michelle (Operations Director). This will allow our customers a secure online portal to check all invoices, pay online using either credit card of ACH bank transfers. It’s actually pretty slick.

We received word that Simplex-IT is being recognized by Case Weatherhead for a second year in a row as an "Upstart," part of its Weatherhead 100 program. Pretty cool.

We mentioned the Dark Web webinar which we held last month. Unfortunately, our service provider was a bit leery of us posting the webinar on YouTube. But if you’re interested in the topic, let me know and we’ll schedule some time. And I’ll give you a free summary report about your organization and a list of any accounts that have popped up as compromised on the Dark Web. Click here for more info on that program.

Part of the goal behind National Comic Book Day was to encourage our Gold and Platinum customers to schedule their Quarterly Business Review meeting with me. This is an opportunity for us to review business goals, IT needs, outstanding tickets, and the like. The key takeaway (for the customer) is making sure that your IT resources are properly scaled and applied not just for today but for down the road. Any customer wanting to schedule a time can go to and set up a time with me directly.

Finally, on a non-Simplex-IT note, I want to remind everyone that Office 2007 will stop working with Office 365 at the end of October. The old method for connecting isn’t secure enough for today’s world. Please give me a holler ( if you need some help or want to discuss options. More info here.