Let the Christmasapalooza begin!

November 1st, 2017

CPA show 17October is done. Let the Christmas onslaught of sales, specials, music, ale, bath soaps, tattoos, movies, scents, limericks, plays, concerts, meals, parties, ornaments and I’m sure one new form of malware, begin.

Last week we had the good fortune of participating at the Ohio CPA organizations annual “Cleveland Accounting Show” at the IX Center. Patti, Kayla, Rob and myself manned the “Has Your Space been Invaded?” booth (Patti took the picture). Doug and I gave a presentation on “An Introduction to Microsoft’s Power BI” for about 30 attendees. Made a lot of connections, including several organizations that want to use BI (Business Intelligence) tools to get more value out of the data in their systems.

As a side note, we’re looking to do more conferences like this, where we can talk with companies in the area. Do you know of any conferences that would like to have us as participants? Drop Patti or I a note, we’d appreciate the lead!

One thing we gave out at the conference was what we called our “snooty” offer. This was included in an envelope with a wax seal (the seal being our logo, no less). I want to make the same offer to you, but at the very least you should read it. Yup, sometimes we take things probably further than we should. Read the snooty offer here.

I’m finally getting close to being done with my book. The plan is for an early ’18 release. But we’re going to do a quasi-preview of the materials at our Executive Seminar this month. Click here for more information on that.

Also we’re getting a bit more formal on our Managed Services offering for organizations that partners with an existing IT department. We’re calling it CoMITs (Co-Managed IT services). We’ve got an announcement on that here, and a webinar next week (more info here). We’ve been doing this for years, just finally formalizing it.

And I have to apologize to our newest Technician, Korrey Hull. Korrey actually started with us early in October, but I forgot to post the blog article (which Michelle and Korrey faithfully put together weeks ago) until yesterday. Lame, Bob…lame.

Next week Operations Director Michelle, Technical Director Kevin, and Director-of-nothing me will be heading down to Orlando for the annual IT Nation conference. I’ll be participating on a panel entitled “How to keep your Techs Happy.” Based on my handling of Korrey I suspect I’ll be asked to take the “anti“ side of things<g>.

You’ll see our announcement of our annual Geek Raffle, where we raise funds for Hattie Larlham for what I think is the 8th year. That’s slated for December 13th at the Malted Meeple. For more info (or to RSVP) click here.

So…that’s where we’re at. How about you? What are you up to?