Webinar: Internal IT staff or Managed Services? Why not both!

November 1st, 2017

Internal IT staff or Managed Services?

Hint: It isn’t an “Either Or” decision.

Managed Services for an organization that already has an internal IT staff? Historically that’s been the recipe for disaster. Learn more at our free webinar on Tuesday, November 7th.

Not surprising, given the stereotypes. After all, most MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) want to implement their processes using their tools and their standards. And one of the leading arguments for Managed Services has been to minimize costs by removing the IT staff of the customer.

Oddly enough, not for Simplex-IT. We’ve been successfully working with organizations for years that already have an IT department. Whether it be through the sharing of tools or the separation of roles and responsibilities, it’s been successful.

And we’ve been a tad slow (ok, I’ve been a tad slow) to realize that this was unusual in our industry. I’ve spoken with many MSP’s throughout the country on this topic. The response was always “if we talk to a company and they’ve got an IT resource, we see if they want to get rid of them. If not, we move on.”

Now to be clear. We’ve worked with organizations that have replaced their IT staff with our services. No question that’s been a successful tactic with both customers (especially if the internal IT isn’t up to the task) and ourselves.

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