Employee Spotlight – Rob Walter

Rob Walter PhotoWhat’s your role at Simplex-IT and when were you hired?
I am the Marketing Communications Associate here at Simplex-IT. I was brought on almost a year ago now, to assist in the development and execution of various marketing campaigns.

What’s a typical day like for you at work?
What I love about working at Simplex-IT is that there are no "typical days" in the marketing department. Each week I get to work on a new project, so there's never any room for stagnancy, we're always coming up with new ideas on how to get the word out about our stellar IT team..! One week I may be mailing out dollar coins attached to letters graciously requesting a call, another week I'll be looking up "101 bird puns" to find a way to use in our latest pitch.

What has been your favorite project at Simplex-IT?
By far my favorite project thus far at Simplex-IT has been the formal invitation campaign. The chosen verbiage for the formal invitations we sent out lampoons the standard invitation and delivers a great example of our amiable, goofy sense of humor, and more importantly expresses how we will overlook our own pride to ensure our clients smile, are happy & satisfied. You can check out the landing page here: www.simplex-it.com/snooty.

What did you do before Simplex-IT?
Before Simplex-IT, I was a Budget Analyst at the Department of Human Rights, and Call Center Manager at the Division of Banking in Chicago. I also spent some time working for Non Profit organizations, and acting as Caregiver for members of my family.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of work, I enjoy acting, comedy, & storytelling. Writing, improvising, performing stories that make people smile is my passion. Last year I performed at several community theater groups, including Chagrin Valley Little Theater & Aurora Community Theater. I regularly performed improvised comedy and developed scripts for a few dozen comedy sketches I'm looking to perform this year, and have developed some semblance of a stand up comedy routine. I'm constantly looking for new forms of expression and stories to hear and tell.