Free webinar:  Cyber Security – Executive Overview

December 1st, 2017

Cyber Security is often discussed from 2 perspectives: First: We’re all doomed. Second: Immersed into sea of gibberish using a host of three letter acronyms, version numbers and nifty diagrams that say “we’re all doomed.”

But it’s important for management to understand the risk, the options and the costs (both financial and operational). Not down to the details of the products (because that constantly changes) but the general landscape of Cyber Security.

Using material from his upcoming book “Unleash Your Inner Geek: A CEO’s Survival Guide To Information Technology,” Bob Coppedge will break down Cyber Security from the perspective of the bad guy and then from the good guy, without resorting to proclamations of doom or gibber.

Issues such as:

  • Why is this so much more critical than a couple years ago?
  • What role do my employees play?
  • Isn’t this an IT issue?
  • What’s the difference between Prevention and Containment?
  • What are the Pillars of Cyber Security?
  • What is the Dark Web?
  • Isn't Anti-virus and a firewall enough?

will be discussed!

Attend this and you’ll be better prepared to discuss Cyber Security with whoever is responsible for maintaining Cyber Security strategies for your organization.

When: Tuesday, Dec 19th, from 2-2:30pm (eastern)

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