Weird Month. Awards, New Business, Cyber Security, Virtual Reality

December 1st, 2017

2017 Weatherhead UpstartWow. Weird month. Welcomed 6 new clients in November for new business. With a mix of Managed Services, Project Management development, SQL consulting, a 365 migration, security services, and Co-Managed IT services, this is probably the most diverse group of new companies we’ve ever added.

Kevin, Michelle and I all jaunted down to Orlando to take part in the annual IT Nation conference. Came away with a lot of new ideas for streamlining our processes to improve our delivering services to our customers. For some reason, we thought that would be a good idea. Well, Kevin and Michelle thought so, anyway<g>.

Me, I was busy finishing up the first draft of my upcoming book, “Unleash Your Inner Geek: A CEO’s Survival Guide To Information Technology.” I’m really trying to push myself to get this puppy done, and hoping for January publication (that’s really aggressive, by the way). But I used some of the content last month for our seminar “IT Issues every CEO should know,” and it was well-received.

I’ll be following up on that this month, with a webinar this month “Cyber Security – An Executive Overview.” The webinar (free, on Dec 19th) will also draw heavily from the books approach to Cyber Security. I’d appreciate feedback from that puppy.

And don’t forget our Geek Raffle on December 13th, benefitting Hattie Larlham. It’s our 7th annual? 8th? I should probably figure that out.

Back to November. Simplex-IT was also awarded as a Weatherhead Upstart winner (for the second year in a row). Thanks to everybody over the past year who made that happen.

I decided to write an article summarizing my book reads over the year. Interesting retrospective.

And we are trying something really different next month. Instead of my “IT Trends for the upcoming year” presentation, we’re going virtual, baby. We’re going to have a presentation (and demo) on “Virtual and Augmented Reality” with guest presenter Bill Myers, founder of New Territory. I have a feeling this is going to be popular, so RSVP here now!

Hey, I need your help on a couple of things. First of all, we want to keep giving webinars, but we also want to make sure that the topics are of interest to you. Can you take a moment and fill out this survey? Usually when we ask for this kind of information we’ll get 3 or 4 responses, so your opinion matters!

Are you a Silver, Gold or Platinum customer of ours? Then get ready to receive our annual gift to you. No plasma ball, no glitter lamp. Not a pyramid pen. Not a USB spaceman, nor a windup dancing robot. But it is pretty cool.

You know the drill. Get ready for the holidays. Because like it or not, they're ready for you!