January 16th, 2018

Bill Myers is taking over our blog today, and here's what he has to say:

Mainstream usage of immersive technology, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), is only in its infancy in regards to adoption amongst the business community. Most early adopters of this tech are in the gaming community, and it wasn't until 2016-2017 when consumers began purchasing VR/AR products to bring into their own home.

In 2018, we'll begin to see a major shift in the adoption of this technology amongst the business world.  For example, virtual reality headsets (which close people off to the outside world and display a virtual space) are finding their ways into organizations to train employees, tell their brand's story, and give customers a new way to interact with their product or service.  Augmented reality (which doesn't cut you off from the outside world, but rather allows users to place digital overlays on top of everyday life) can be used draw people into unique marketing experiences, be used for on-site training and troubleshooting, and create incredible data visualizations.

What's key for companies right now is to begin the conversation around using immersive technology in their business's workflow, and understand the implications of streamlining processes and marketing to customers in a new way using this tech.

The most important factor in understanding this technology is discovering it yourself with a demonstration.  A 5-minute demo using a desktop-enabled VR headset is enough for a user to grasp how it can be used with limitless possibilities.  The same can be said about AR.

As this technology grows in popularity and in hardware and software development, it will be important for business leaders to know and understand the implications of this technology, and be willing to explore how they can use it either as an adopter/thought leader, or as something down the road as the technology continues to mature.

Check out Bill's website at www.thisisnewterritory.com and follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NewTerritoryVR