Simplex-IT’s New Training Services: Simplex-TM

January 25th, 2018
Simplex-IT’s New Training Services: Simplex-TM

Training employees and keeping employees up to date on new technology and programs is an on-going effort. Sending them to a full day classroom style training session isn’t always realistic for a small business, and a lot of online tutorials are not easy to follow. Finding the right video for what you need on YouTube is like searching for a needle in a haystack, there’s just so much out there. So, we’ve developed a completely flexible approach to address a variety of needs, affectionately named: Simplex-TM.

Online Training: We have over 90 online courses with over 1,500 video modules covering everything from Office programs such as Word and Excel to Email and File Management, to Sharepoint and Skype. And it doesn’t end there, there are other courses such as "Increase Your Listening Power” and “Online Marketing 101” and “Keys To Excellence.” Need something more technical? Check out the “CompTIA Network + Exam Prep” or the “Intro to HIPPA.” There’s even a course on “Workplace Safety for an Active Shooter Situation” which of course no one likes to think about, but unfortunately, it’s something that should be provided to employees. And these are not cheaply made cheesy videos. They are high quality, professionally done instructor led training videos. And it’s available for less than you’d think!

Instructor led custom training: Want instructor led classroom style training for a group of people, or some one-on-one help? We can do that too. Your place or ours, you pick the topics you want to cover and we’ll work together to develop the course syllabus so it covers on all your pain points. It’s custom, so we can do half-days or full, whatever works best for you, for groups up to 12. Perhaps you use some Excel spreadsheets that have been customized over the years. We can use your spreadsheets as training examples in class, so everyone is learning and practicing on the same files they will be using back at work. And, if you choose to use our training facilities we can even arrange breakfast or lunch for the day. Our instructor has over 15 years of professional training experience, both classroom style and one-on-one, in just about every program out there.

There’s no reason to struggle with Office or other programs anymore! Get the training you need to be efficient in these tools. Online modules, or customized instructor led. For more information and the latest course listing, checkout www.Simplex-TM for the latest information. Can’t wait? Just contact us 234-280-1277 or