Simplex-IT Goals for Q1 2019

December 31st, 2018

IoTHere at Simplex-IT, we started publicizing our quarterly goals in Q1 2018.  Throughout the year we’d publicize what we hope to accomplish (in terms of advancing the organization) at the beginning of the quarter.  We’d then follow it up with a report card at the end.

Well, new goals!

Why do this?  Two simple reasons.  Accountability and Transparency.  Both are critical to our core competencies and “who we are” in terms of brand.

And both are easy to claim, harder to prove.

Executive Q1 Goals:

  1. Complete writing and pre-publication of new book. The actual release will happen during early Q2.
  2. 1st phase implementation completed of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) management structure. Bringing in a coach and everything.
  3. Finish CoMITs (Co-Managed IT services) configuration (from Q4).
  4. Determine where Simplex-IT will physically be EoY 2019 (our lease expires in June this year).

Operational Q1 Goals:

  1. Ticket Priority Identification (Carry over from Q4). The goal is to effectively utilize the ticket priority aspect of ConnectWise to better manage ticket scheduling and closure rates.
  2. Inventory Implementation (Carry over from Q4). The maintenance and improvement of the existing inventory system will reduce the amount of time spent looking for and researching pricing on various types of hardware housed at Simplex-IT for resale or check-out.
  3. Expand new technician onboarding process (Carry over from Q4). Goal:  Improve the onboarding process and ramp up time for new technicians.
  4. Amazon Purchase Tracking. Update our Amazon Business account to improve upon tracking our spending and categorizing our purchases.

Marketing Q1 Goals:

  1. Develop standard KPI-reporting for marketing campaigns
  2. Develop standard KPI-based reporting for marketing Training services (including PM)
  3. InfusionSoft Sherpa program.  Clean up existing 4 mailing campaigns, begin using for additional campaigns.
  4. Integrate LinkedIn for all mailing campaigns

Sales Q1 Goals:

  1. Specific Sales goals (ok, details on this sort of thing we actually do keep private).
  2. Remove Bob from 75% of first calls.

Btw, you'll notice we're making our goal statements a bit briefer than in the past.  We define them in much greater detail internally...specific goal attributes and binary tests for passing, that sort of thing.  But we aren't sharing all of that information, and rewriting it proved time consuming.  If you're interested in more information (about the goals or the processes we're following), please feel free to contact me for further info!

Otherwise check in on our progress, 3 months from now!