Simplex-IT’s Q4 2018 Goal Report Card

December 31st, 2018

IoTOk, time for the end of Q4 (and, for that matter, end of 2018).  If you've been following us for any time, you know the drill.  We publish our quarterly goals at the beginning of the quarter, and then revisit how well we did.  This gives us both transparency and accountability.  So click here to see the details behind our Q4 goals for 2018.  How’d we do?

Pretty well, all told.  Honestly most of our unmet goals were either delayed for other reasons, or we're close but we're tough graders.  I'm actually decently happy with our progress.

Executive Q4 Goals:

  1. Deploy a CoMITs based day-long training program. Well, it ended up being different, and we couldn’t be happier.  Look to see our QT’s (Quarterly Client Training) days to appear quarterly.
  2. 2019 Goals defined formally. Done.
  3. Hold planning meeting with Management Team. Done.
  4. Define 2019 Executive Goal document by 1 Nov. Done.
  5. Review with Management team by 1 Dec. Done.
  6. 2019 Company Goals by 1 Jan. Done.
  7. Begin formal Management training structure deployment.  All four area (Executive, Operations, Marketing, Sales) to have initial plans/definitions in place. Well underway, but formal process pushed out to Q1 ’19.
  8. Redefine Chart of Accounts, for better definitions of costing and profitability. Um…er…ah…nope.

Operational Q4 Goals

  1. Ticket Priority Identification. Well underway, but not completed.
  2. Creation of new Service Boards for Technician Assigned Duties. Underway, not completed.
  3. Inventory Implementation. Underway, not completed.
  4. Expand the new technician onboard training process. Will be implemented as part of next tech hiring (early January).

Marketing Q4 Goals

  1. 2019 Marketing Plan and Budget. Done.
  2. Four campaigns at once. Done.
  3. Revise marketing booklet with new photos and text edits. Nope.
  4. Website refresh. Nope.
  5. Marketing Leads. Done.
  6. Sponsoring Cose’s BizConCle show. Done.
  7. Dark Web Day Campaign. Done.

Sales Q4 Goals:

  1. Rehash all old lost opportunities. Done.
  2. Get John started on initial pitch/data gathering processes.  Started.
  3. Specific goals of new MRR sales completed.  Done.

Ok, so on to 2019.  <gulp>