Q2 Goals for 2019

April 1st, 2019

IoTOk, it’s April.  April 1st, to be specific.  So it’s time to publicize our goals for Q2.  And no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke (look elsewhere on our blog for that).

For those of you joining us late, Simplex-IT is following the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) management framework.  Part of that process involved a creation of goals for the different areas of the organization.  We do these both annually and then quarterly.  Plus we have longer term goals as well.

Our management team meets weekly and (among other things) makes sure we’re appropriately on top of the quarterly goals (or “rocks” as they’re called in the EOS world).  We also make occasional adjustments to them as needed.

Then towards the end of the quarter we review the previous quarter and create new goals.

Back in Q1 of 2018 I made the decision to “go public” with our quarterly goals.  It created additional pressure on myself personally to focus on accomplishing the goals.  Plus I thought it was a good way to stay appropriately transparent to our clients, vendors and friends.

Without further ado, here are our Q2 goals for 2019.

Executive Goals

  • Define CoMITs Assessment Process.  Co-Managed IT services is a big part of our recent growth.  We need to build a new assessment process for that.
  • Publish 2nd Book.  “An MSP’s Survival Guide to Co-Managed IT services” needs to be published and done.
  • Finalize office expansion.  We need additional office space.  Let’s get some.

Operational Goals

  • Inventory Implementation (continued):  Finish implementation plan.  Finalize program and process.  Make storage equipment purchases.
  • Expand new technician onboarding process.  Develop “Trainer” role is needed to finalize this process.
  • Amazon Purchase.  Develop the purchase process to include documentation on product tab with in the service ticket that can be applied with any purchase from any vendor.
  • BrightGauge.  Create Reporting for customers.
  • Technical Business Review (TBR) procedures.  Establish a process to actively reach out to our clients and successfully schedule appointments to perform regular Technical Business Reviews.
  • Backup/DR/BC Solutions.  Finalize solutions moving forward, schedule out Q3/Q4 and communicate to customers.
  • RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management).  Finalize solutions moving forward, schedule out Q3/Q4 and communicate to customers.
  • Email security front end.  Finalize solutions moving forward, schedule out Q3/Q4 and communicate to customers.
  • Develop Intern work plan to follow with Summer Intern for HS student(s).
  • Design gift for new onboarding clients to help communicate our contact information/process.

Marketing Goals

  • Bright Gauge - Develop Marketing Dashboard in Brite Gauge.
  • CoMits Branding:
    • Develop go to market strategy
    • Wording and content
    • Materials (refine tri-fold if needed)
    • Event (marketing to include postcard invites, followup calls, LinkedIn Connections and Invites.
    • Doodly video
  • Update and Use Quarterly Marketing Plan Tools 
  • Add all campaigns to Lead Generation Targets

Sales Goals

  • Be able to handle discovery interview without tech
  • First draft for sales playbook
  • First draft for Account management book

There you go.  How do you think we'll do?  See you again (on this topic anyway) in 3 months!

Feel free to reach out with questions or comments at Bob@Simplex-IT.com