Q2 2019 Goal Results

July 7th, 2019

How'd we do?

Ok, first of all, I need to apologize.  The term “goal” has nothing to do with the World Cup that the US Women’s Team just nabbed.  And I have to admit that the term “nabbed” seems a bit of an understatement.

That said, there’s no doubt in my mind that what I have to share is every bit of exciting as their victory.  As you can imagine, my mind is in dire need of a tuneup in terms of what drives doubt.

Moving on.

It’s July, which means that Q2 is in the books.  Last week I met with the Simplex-IT management team and we reviewed our quarterly goals, finally grading them in terms of whether we met them or not.  And we also put together the goals (or “rocks” as we call them using the EOS terminology).  Again, for those of you joining us late, Simplex-IT is following the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) management framework.  Part of that process involved a creation of goals for the different areas of the organization.  We do these both annually and then quarterly, and we have longer term goals as well.

How did we do?  Honestly the answer is “meh”.  We set some aggressive goals for the quarter.  And we didn’t meet all of them.  Some we decided would be best done down the road (for good logical reasons).  And some we knocked out of the park.

All told, I’m ok with the progress we made.  You can make your own decisions.

Oh, and if you want to review the Q2 goals, click here.

Executive Goals

Define CoMITs Assessment Process.  Nope.  We had a lot of activity on the CoMITs side, and the new Assessment process ended up being pushed back a couple of months.  Honestly I think what we finally come up with will be worth the wait.

Publish 2nd Book.  “An MSP’s Survival Guide to Co-Managed IT services” Nailed it.  The second book is out and currently in the hands of about 2,000 MSPs (Managed Service Providers).

Finalize office expansion.  Done.  We added an additional 1,000 square feet to our world.  C’mon by if you want to see where Sales and Marketing live (hint:  It’s across the hall from the rest of us).

Operational Goals

Inventory Implementation (continued):  Partially.  But it was a lame goal (my fault).  We really didn’t have this as an operational priority.  But I sat down with Kevin, Michelle and Alec and the progress looks good.

Expand new technician onboarding process.  Nope.  With some of the additional changes we’re looking to see in the 2nd half of 2019, this would have to be somewhat rebuilt.

Amazon Purchase.  Done.  Tracking purchases better than ever.

BrightGauge Client Reporting.  Nope.  Revisiting this goal, we realized this really isn’t a priority.

Technical Business Review (TBR) procedures.  Yup, we’re now aggressively working with clients to create regular TBR meetings

Backup/DR/BC Solutions.  Done and underway.  We’ve welcomed Datto into our world with their backup solutions and have already implemented the first wave of upgrades for clients.

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management).  Done.  We’ll be announcing our new RMM plans at our upcoming QCT meeting later this month.

Email security front end.  Partially.  Research done, final decision by end of July.

Develop Intern work plan.  Done.

Design gift for new onboarding clients.  Delayed.  Given other changes, this is best delayed for a Q4 roll out.

Marketing Goals

Bright Gauge Marketing Dashboard.  Nope, didn’t get to it.

Formalize CoMits Branding.  Nope (see Bob’s failure above).

Update and Use Quarterly Marketing Plan spreadsheet.  Done. Better tracking tools.

Add all campaigns to Lead Generation Targets.  Done.

Sales Goals

Be able to handle discovery interview without tech.  Done.

First draft for sales playbook.  Done.

First draft for Account management book.  Put off for now.