3 Ways Car Owners Can Relate to IT Administrators

Technology is a critical component of the modern office, but it’s only a matter of time until it breaks down and leaves you in a bind. In a way, it’s a lot like owning a vehicle. You need it to get from Point A to Point B, but when it doesn’t work properly, it winds up costing you an arm and a leg.

We Dig Into the Hacker’s Playbook for Some Solid Security Lessons

What crosses your mind when you think about hacking attacks and data breaches? Do you picture a hacker in a ski mask typing furiously, or do you imagine scenes made memorable like those in television and film in works like Mr. Robot or Live Free or Die Hard? In the latter, hacking attacks are perpetrated by masterminds or those with grand ambition.

2016 Geek Raffle

Our Annual Geek Raffle was so much fun! A great big thank you to The Malted Meeple for hosting us again this year, and to Back to Balance for providing chair massages to our participants! We sold $233 dollars worth of raffle tickets and handed out some great prizes (see all the pictures below). We did it a little differently this year, each prize had it's own drawing.

Make Sure Your Business Technology Covers These 2 Areas

All businesses need to use some sort of technology to keep their operations moving forward. Yet, it’s often difficult to gauge how new solutions will function with your current systems. You need to take your options into careful consideration before making such an important choice, and only an analysis of your current setup will help you ensure the success of your new technology.

New Grandkid, Swordplay, Geek Raffle

So. November. You played me. In so many ways, by so many methods. Some wonderful. Some reaaally annoying. Some…so close. So very, very close. But it’s time to say goodbye.

But we also need to say hello to my latest grandson, Alexander Locke Shonk.

Tip of the Week: 4 Ways to Resolve the Blue Screen of Death

It’s quite possibly the most infamous screen image in computing: the Blue Screen of Death. Encountering this screen will often cause two thoughts to run through a user’s mind: what just happened, and how can I fix it?

The BSOD is the result that Windows resorts to when it experiences an error critical enough to require a reboot.

Working Remotely

Do you work remotely? Also known as working from home, teleworking, etc. What’s your corporate policy on this? As needed, like in a snowstorm or recovering from surgery, or whenever, wherever? What’s your opinion on this?

Here at Simplex-IT, we have the flexibility of working remotely.

3 Reasons Why Hackers Like to Target Small Businesses

b2ap3_thumbnail_network_security_400.jpgThis October is Cybersecurity Month! Some businesses think that they’re immune to hacking attacks because they’re “low profile” compared to huge corporations. However, the truth of the matter is that your organization is just as much at risk as they are. This month, take measures to keep your organization’s data safe, or risk losing everything in the fallout of a hacking attack.