5 Cuts Your Business Should Consider Before Laying Off Staff

b2ap3_thumbnail_cut_costs_today_400.jpgWouldn’t it be nice if you could provide your staff an over-the-top benefits package similar to what Google offers their employees (aka, “Googlers”)? For most SMBs, making Glassdoor’s annual list of “50 Best Places to Work” (a list routinely dominated by Google) is a fantasy; primarily due to the fact that the average enterprise operates within the confines of a strict budget. As the owner of an SMB, this reality often means making tough decisions and budget cuts.

Is it time to put your business the cloud?

Check out the article Bob wrote for WireNET on moving to the Cloud!

Email is the lifeblood of communication for organizations today, whether it be with your customers, vendors, or employees. One of the hottest trends these days for organizations of all sized is to upgrade their email to the cloud by using products such as Microsoft's Office 365. Read the full article here: Is it time to put your business in the cloud?

Don't forget - The Office 365 3-Part Series starts this week.

Tip of the Week: How to Change Your Mouse Pointer in Windows 10

b2ap3_thumbnail_mouse_pointers_400.jpgThe mouse is a critical part of navigating your workstation. Without it, you’d struggle to open applications, move around Office documents, create images, and countless other functions. Just like many other features in Windows 10, you can customize how your mouse pointer looks and functions, making it much easier to maneuver around your system.

Getting Started With Cloud Computing

b2ap3_thumbnail_benefits_of_the_cloud_400.jpgThe cloud is a technology that’s taking the business world by storm. Most organizations take advantage of some form of the cloud or another, be it for data storage, email hosting, or application deployment. Either way, it’s clear that the cloud is a technology that your business should be investing in, especially if you want to stay current in an increasingly competitive environment.

Is Apple in the Right to Refuse the FBI?

b2ap3_thumbnail_fbi_vs_privacy_400.jpgApple has been a major contributor to advancements in computing over the past few decades. Their iPhone was the first commercially available smartphone, and they continue to innovate with new and exciting consumer technology. However, one of Apple’s most recent decisions might be one of the most important for today’s cyber security world.

Tip of the Week: Use Android to Get Gmail Functionality for Your Non-Gmail Email Account

b2ap3_thumbnail_switch_your_mail_to_gmail_400.jpgGmail is a great email client, but not everyone uses it as their primary method of email communication. Some might prefer Microsoft Outlook, or they might still be using Yahoo Mail. Even if Google wants you to be using their email service, they know that they can’t win them all. For those who want the experience of Gmail without switching providers, you can now do so on the Gmail app for Android.

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