Alert: Microsoft Fixes 27 Vulnerabilities in Latest Round of Patches

In the latest round of security patches released by Microsoft, 27 vulnerabilities were fixed. Affected software includes major titles like Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and the new Edge browser. It’s imperative that you apply these security patches as soon as you can, or else your system will be exposed to some serious threats.

The Top 3 Threats Eliminated By Backing Up Your Data

Businesses these days practically need to expect disaster, as even the most careful and calculated security practices could result in a data disaster. Some businesses don’t fear for their data enough, and this leads them to neglect planning for threats such as hackers, natural disasters, and user error.

Why Managed IT is WAY Better Than Break-Fix IT

b2ap3_thumbnail_is_break_fix_it_holding_you_back_400.jpgEvery organization has mission-critical systems that they rely on in order to function, and the IT technician is responsible for keeping them running. Modern technology and best practices have given rise to a new way of managing business technology, one that knocks the traditional break-fix IT out of the water.

4 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Office 365 Business Premium


Microsoft Office 365 offers many different solutions that allow your employees to be able to do their jobs, keep everything organized, and communicate efficiently. Although, it can be tricky to select a good Office 365 plan for your business. To help streamline operations, the Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium edition offers a versatile selection that can meet any needs your business may encounter.

Simplex-IT is hiring!

Hi everyone!

Important news from the office – we are looking for a Sales and Marketing Assistant! Zoey is moving on to a position she’s had her sights set on since college graduation, and we are truly happy for her. She’ll be missed and we wish her the very best.

This Hacker Stole 1.17 Billion Credentials. You Won’t Believe How Much He Sold it All For

In a bizarre reminder of why security best practices are so critical to the world of IT, it has been reported that one of the largest collections of hacked and stolen login details are currently making the rounds in the Russian black market.

According to Alex Holden, Hold Security’s founder and Chief Information Security Officer, the company was first alerted to the breach by the hacker himself, as he bragged in online chat forums that he had stolen over a billion credentials for email accounts from various providers.

We're having an Open House, and you're invited!

Hello friends! We've been busy as can be over here, packing and stacking.The big move day is next Friday, and we'll be working from our new office right after Memorial Day weekend. So of course we want to celebrate, and invite you all to an Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Please join us on June 21st from 4:00pm-6:00pm.