Bob's Wrap-Up for 2015

Bob’s Annual Wrap-up for 2015

Oy. This one’s finally over. I can’t think of a year that’s been as full of changes and challenges from as many sides as this past year. Spoiler alert: For the most part the endings were good ones.

Free Lunchinar: IT Trends for 2016

IT Trends for 2016 for Small-to-Medium Businesses

Yeah, we stopped the monthly Lunchinars back in 2015. But some things we’re not stopping.

Each year (starting in 2011) we hold a presentation about what we the next year holds for Information Technology, specifically for the Small to Medium Business.

The Cause of Social Media Addiction and How to Stop It

b2ap3_thumbnail_social_media_blocking_400.jpgSocial media addiction is a problem that plagues most modern businesses. Even though it’s a best practice to leverage social media to your business’s advantage, it’s a well-known fact that social media addiction can lead to wasted time and distractions in the office. In order to beat social media addiction in the office, it’s best to understand how it comes about, and what you can do to help your workers leave it alone, rather than locking everything down completely.

Tip of the Week: Android Makes it Easy to Block Telemarketers

b2ap3_thumbnail_block_calls_400.jpgEveryone gets unwanted calls from unsolicited numbers on their smartphone. It’s a part of life. What matters, though, is how you deal with these callers. While a pretty comprehensive solution to this problem can be contacting your provider, some more recent models of Android smartphones have the ability to blacklist phone numbers built right into the device.

IT Trends for 2016 – Reminder!

IT Trends for 2016 for Small-to-Medium Businesses is next week, be sure to register and reserve your spot!

Each year (starting in 2011) we hold a presentation about what we the next year holds for Information Technology, specifically for the Small to Medium Business.

Your Business Can Benefit From the Same Analytics Technology Used By Google and Facebook

b2ap3_thumbnail_deep_learning_400.jpgInefficiencies can often keep operations from producing a satisfactory return. It might be time to start measuring your company’s ability to meet expectations. With the use of state-of-the-art computing programs, you can locate the problems your organizations is having and work toward patching the process any way you can. While data-collection was once a difficult system to implement, new computer-driven, business-intelligence software can provide you with the vital answers you need to make the changes required for profitability.

The Internet of Things Will Only Continue to Grow More Popular For Businesses

b2ap3_thumbnail_internet_of_things_400.jpgIn the near future, there will be many new devices connecting to the Internet. Some will be useful, while others will be… not so much. Either way, the fact remains that, according to IDC, the Global Internet of Things (IoT) spending is expected to reach around $1.3 trillion by 2020. That’s a pretty huge number, and we’ll tell you why your organization needs to keep the IoT in mind when putting thought into your technology strategy.

Your Network Should Grow Alongside Your Business

b2ap3_thumbnail_a_plan_for_growth_400.jpgBusinesses invest a significant amount of time and energy into growing their business, but what some organizations don’t understand is that this growth comes with what we like to call “growing pains.” When an organization grows, there are all sorts of problems that must be addressed in order to maintain optimal operations. Among these is your network. Is it ready to handle your organization’s growth?