Simplex-IT's Annual Picnic Planning

Simplex-IT Annual Picnic Planning

Hey everyone, Patti here. Our picnic will be here before ya know it (August 10th, mark your calendars) and we are planning a few new things year.

Most importantly, you must come and check out our new digs! We don’t have the big back yard we used to have, but we do have plenty of space for our picnic.

This Move By Google Spells Doom for Adobe Flash

In light of a recent zero-day vulnerability discovered with Adobe Flash, along with the wide adoption of the alternative rich media player HTML5, Google has put into motion plans to stop supporting Flash for its popular web browser, Google Chrome. By all accounts, this move may be the final nail in the coffin for the Internet stalwart, which means that your business should cease using it.

Tip of the Week: Tweak These 5 Mobile Apps to Consume Less Data

Chances are that if you’re using a smartphone, you’ll have your WiFi turned on as often as you possibly can. This helps to keep data hogs (applications that use a ton of your monthly allotted mobile data) at bay. However, not everyone has the convenience of an Internet connection at all times, particularly while you’re out of the office.

As if Selecting Hardware Wasn’t Tricky Enough, Intel Went and Did This

Intel recently announced their next line of laptop processors, and with that single act, caused no small amount of frustration and confusion among the IT market. After claims that they were breaking from their traditional schedule of releasing a new processor each September and improving upon it later, Intel has gone ahead and released a new processor architecture instead of maintaining their Skylake processor from last year.

Your New Galaxy Note 7 Has a 1 in 42,000 Chance of Exploding

If you have the most recent addition to Samsung’s growing collection of smartphones, we hope you haven’t grown too attached to it. The company is recalling the Galaxy Note 7 on reports that the batteries explode. This event is largely considered one of the more high-profile recalls in the history of consumer technology.

Tip of the Week: 3 Ways to Minimize the Chance of Cloud Migration Failure

Moving to the cloud is not an easy task, and it’s certainly not a process that will be the same for every SMB. Therefore, you need to be open to adaptation as the process wears on. Unplanned-for issues might make it difficult to adhere 100 percent to your plans, so if you can’t adapt to that which you can’t predict, your cloud migration is doomed to failure.

Ohio Society of CPA's Cincinnati Accounting Show

Boy, the CPAs in Cincinnati sure know how to make a company feel welcome! You may have heard us talking about this group before, Bob frequently presents a variety of IT topics at their CPE Days and the larger regional Accounting Shows. So, Tuesday morning we headed to Cincinnati to do it again.

PowerPoint Screen Recorder

Did you know that you can actually record your screen right in PowerPoint? The Screen Recorder lets you select and area to record, and then it will record whatever actions are in that screen. When you're done, you can put the recording right in PowerPoint in one step.