Should We Be Scared, Skeptical, or Hopeful about the Near Future of Technology?

b2ap3_thumbnail_internet_of_things_ubiquity_400.jpgThe introduction of new and exciting technologies keeps changing the ways people interact. Innovations such as email, instant messaging, and the development of mobile devices are now turning out to be just fundamental steps to a more connected planet. The Internet of Things is set to turn human civilization on its head. What does this shift mean for the immediate future?

Tip of the Week: Unsure if an Email Address is Valid? Here’s How to Check!

b2ap3_thumbnail_email_verification_400.jpgSometimes you might write an email to someone who you’ve never emailed before (perhaps you scrawled down their email while on the phone or at an event), and questioned the authenticity of your recipient’s email address. Those who use email frequently know all too well what this feels like. It makes the most sense to first make sure that you have the right email address before sending a message.

3 Fundamentals Every IT Strategy Needs

b2ap3_thumbnail_questioning_your_it_400.jpgWhen running a business, you can’t always upgrade your technology to the latest and greatest equipment or software every time something new comes out. Yet, you also don’t want to be left behind, which would be limiting to your growth and mobility. Moving forward can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t revamped your IT strategy in some time. Paying attention to the details is an important part of avoiding potential roadblocks with your future IT strategy.

What Makes Windows 10 Twice as Popular as Windows 8?

b2ap3_thumbnail_your_windows_10_400.jpgMicrosoft’s most recent addition to the Windows family of operating systems, Windows 10, is full of new features, but when it comes to implementing it, many businesses are still dragging their heels. However, the primary reason for this seems to be the fact that organizations want to make sure Windows 10 won’t break their IT infrastructure. Despite this handicap, Windows 10 is still being tested on twice as many PCs as Windows 8 was following its release.

Tip of the Week: How to Lock and Unlock Your Google Wallet Card

b2ap3_thumbnail_google_wallet_400.jpgGoogle might be best known for its search engine and groups of desktop apps, but it’s also known for innovating and rattling the cages of how we live our lives. One of the ways it’s doing so is with Google Wallet, an app that’s designed to make sharing cash and money transfers online even easier. What a lot of people forget, however, is that Google Wallet, and its associated card, can still be the target of fraud.

Office 365 Series Coming Soon, Register Now!

Simplex-IT announces Office 365 3-part series!

The goal of this three part series is to familiarize you with the Office 365 offerings and talk about how exactly to get started with it. Already have Office 365 and have some questions or want to learn more? No problem! Join us for one, two, or all three events! 

The first part will be a webinar on March 3rd titled “What is Office 365.” In this webinar we will provide an overview of what exactly Office 365 is (and what it’s not) and answer some common questions around the product itself.

Organize everything with OneNote 2016

Full disclosure, I love OneNote. I use it almost every single day. These are some of my favorite features.

Multiple notebooks – OneNote notebooks are similar to traditional notebooks or binders. You can have multiple notebooks, depending on how you like to organize your work.

Why is my project late and over budget?

Everyone wants to finish projects on time and within budget, right? And we start off with a solid plan to do so, but things change along way. Pretty soon our deadline is here, the project isn’t done, and you’ve spent too much. So what happened?

One culprit is scope creep – This is what happens when you keep adding a little bit more here and there to the project.

Police Recruit Eagles to Take Out Illegal Drones… Seriously

b2ap3_thumbnail_eagles_for_drones_400.jpgWhile they might seem like glorified toys for adults, drones are fantastic tools that can help people take some breathtaking photos and videos of their local scenery. Unfortunately, as is the case with most good technology, there are people out there who want to use them for nefarious purposes. This leads authorities to a tough question: how do you knock an illegal or dangerous drone out of the sky without harming those down below? The answer is simple: eagles.

Welcome Craig Parrish!

I’m Craig Parrish, the newest addition to the Simplex-IT tech support team. 

I’ve worked in technology for almost 20 years now.  I started with a consulting company in Atlanta, GA building PCs and Servers, then installing them.  I also worked the helpdesk when I wasn’t traveling.