Simplex-IT is Moving!

We are excited to announce that the search is over and we’ve found our new location! It's just a couple miles down the road from where we are now. We won’t physically move until the end of May, but we’re excited to share this news with our friends.

5 Hilarious Computing Tips From Mr. Wolfdog [VIDEO]

b2ap3_thumbnail_oh_your_wolfdog_400.jpgHappy April Fool’s Day! It’s a time to celebrate pranks, practical jokes, and laughter. Therefore, we thought we’d mix it up a bit and seek out technology advice from the funniest and the furriest CEO we know, Old Spice’s wolf-dog hybrid, Mr. Wolfdog!

New yoPhone technology…no batteries!

Not everybody has immediate access to batteries, outlets, power adaptors and cables. Some in developing countries have to go miles to a recharging center (or the price is prohibitive). Solar converters would be nice, but the convenience of carrying around several square feet of solar panels (and hoping for sunny days) isn’t always possible.

In the Market to Upgrade? Be Sure to Go With These 3 Future-Proof Technologies!

b2ap3_thumbnail_innovation_400.jpgEvery time that you purchase a new piece of business technology, you’re faced with a choice: go with a product that’s been around for awhile, and thus, is cheaper, or pay a little extra for the latest solution. We like to encourage business owners to go with the latest tech because it saves them money in the long run – an IT concept known as “future proofing.”

Tip of the Week: Think You’ve Been Hacked? Here are 5 Ways to Check

b2ap3_thumbnail_hacking_identified_400.jpgAny business that deals with online technology needs to be aware of the dangers that come with the territory. Hackers are more common nowadays than ever before, and organizations that don’t take a proactive approach to keeping threats out of their systems will have to suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, some organizations won’t be aware that they’ve been hacked until it’s far too late.

Dark Data Continues to Be a Problem for Businesses

b2ap3_thumbnail_dark_data_waste_400.jpgYour business requires specific data to keep operations moving on a daily basis. However, for all of the data that you use, there’s information that you have stored away that never sees the light of day. This “dark data,” could be putting your business at risk, especially if auditing your current data storage usage isn’t a top priority. If you don’t keep track of your dark data, you could be facing much larger problems than unnecessary storage costs.