Office 365 Planner, the new project tool you need

Have you heard about Office 365 Planner? It’s a pretty cool little project tool that Microsoft introduced recently. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, chances are you already have it. Full disclosure, I LOVE Microsoft Project (and Project Server/Project Online). So I was a little skeptical of ‘another’ project tool.

Can an Emoji Smiley Face Bring Down Your Network?

Technology grows more mobile with each passing moment, and emojis have popped up in places that nobody could have dreamt of. In particular, business communications have experienced a surge of emojis, but how (and why) is this the case? Aren’t emojis unprofessional? Shouldn’t they have no place in the business world? Well, let’s explore this a bit.

3 Strong Incentives to Get Your Office’s Computer Hardware Organized

Businesses rely on hardware, like workstations, servers, mobile devices, and more, to keep operations moving forward. However, managing these knowledge-intensive machines can demand time and resources that are finite for SMBs. If you’re challenged by the management and deployment of hardware, let us guide you through the process of doing so.

Executive Business Continuity Seminar coming in October!

Simplex-IT is hosting a Business Continuity, Backup, and Disaster Recovery Breakfast seminar and you’re invited! Well, everyone is.. We’re inclusive and welcoming like that 😉

All the details are here: Seminar Info Please RSVP so we can maintain a headcount (we have limited seating). This is from 9am-11am, a little different than we’ve done in the past.

Let’s Give Ourselves a Round of Applause

Simplex-IT recently starting working more closely with Robin Robins and the folks over at Technology Marketing Toolkit, and boy are they whipping us into shape. We’re getting more efficient with many of our internal initiatives, and were recently recognized for our outstanding performance in the first 90 days.

Your Debit Card Chip and PIN Won’t Save You From This ATM Scam

Do you remember how your bank issued you a new debit or credit card with a built-in, security-enhancing chip? There are now ATMs specially designed for use with these chips. Unfortunately, the same technology that was originally meant to secure your finances can also be used against you in the form of fraudulent cash withdrawals.

Meet Connor, Simplex-IT's newest Tech!

Hi, my name is Connor Coppedge. I am a transfer student who now attends the University of Akron where I am studying Digital Forensics. Before Akron I was at Kent State University where I earned my associates degree in Computer Technology with a focus in Networking.