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Would you like to have an easier way to gather and report on your data?

  • Just a few clicks using a familiar desktop application interface?
  • Combine data from your sales, inventory and accounting systems?
  • Create those stunning visual reports you see other people creating?
  • Share your reports easily and access them from anywhere?

If you said yes then you need to take a look at the new, extremely powerful and easy to use, BI Tools from Microsoft.  Power BI is the new kid on the block and its capabilities are nothing short of stunning.  And Excel, the number one reporting tool worldwide?  It has been updated to be much more data friendly and can also create stunning visual reports.

Traditionally, combining data from different systems required a lot of effort and was quite tedious.  And once the data was gathered it had to be combined which took even more effort.  Finally, creating useful reports from the data often required advanced skills and patience.

BI is Changing

Business Intelligence, formerly known as reporting, has come a long way from the days when it took a database developer to gather and report on your data.  Microsoft’s efforts have now brought extremely powerful capabilities to everyday users of Microsoft Office Applications.  And they are breathtaking.

Power BI

Power BI is an end user tool that brings capabilities to everyday situations that previously required a hardcore ‘data geek’.  It’s available in both a desktop application (like Excel) or via your internet browser.  That allows you to gather, combine and report on data from anywhere you might be located.  And … anywhere the data is located!

No longer do you need to have 3rd parties send you data files in either .CSV or Excel files.  You can access data directly from source systems such as SalesForce, Quickbooks, and many more.  The number of supported systems is impressive with new data sources being added frequently.  This makes it much easier to get to the data you need – and use that data quickly!  It is definitely worth checking out.

Excel 2016 and 2013

Excel has been ‘data savvy’ for many years but it wasn’t always intuitive how to create an appealing report or chart.  And the data connections where somewhat limited.  And the data was all stored in the workbook which had a limit on the maximum amount it can manage.

Microsoft changed all that by incorporating Power Query into Excel.  It allows you to connect / retrieve / ‘mash up’ / refresh your data easily.  It also allows you to store the data ‘behind the scenes’ in a data model rather than the Excel workbook itself which removes the previous limits on number of records, etc.  Power Query is also a big part of the magic of Power BI.  It brings SQL developer skills to business owners, accountants, analysis and anyone else that is comfortable with clicking ‘File, Get Data’.

Simplex-DBA can help you simplify and improve your reporting with these new Business Intelligence tools.  Give us a call for a complimentary 2 hour onsite demo to get an up close look at what you can do with your own data.  Easily.

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