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Are you getting maximum value from your data?

  • Can you recover from equipment failures?
  • Is your data available to whom you want and unavailable to those you do not?
  • Can you access desired data before you become impatient from waiting?
  • Can you share data easily between applications?

If you can't confidently answer yes to these questions, we can help manage your corporate data in ways that directly help your bottom line. We want your organization to succeed with people, systems and data management procedures. Simplex-DBA can assist companies with addressing the Three Pillars of Good Data - data health, data performance and data usefulness.

Data Health

Ensuring your corporate data can be used when you need to use it

Foremost, we help ensure your data is protected and secure. You can recover from both expected and unexpected situations. We want your data to be a reliable asset rather than a burden. Part of that is ensuring your data stays healthy with appropriate data management. Keep it healthy and it will help you out in ways you need - and will like as well.

Data Performance

Your corporate data is available quickly enough to be useful

Does your customer relationship or order entry system respond well enough to service your customers quickly? How long does it take to get answers to questions you have about your data, such as your best selling product or service? Does the performance of your data systems give you an advantage over your competitors? Or do you find yourself saying 'the system is slow today' ... everyday?

Data Usefulness

Your corporate data serves its intended purpose - and others too

If you need to update a customer's shipping address, in how many places do you need to make the change? How easy is it to share your customer contacts between applications? Once you do, do they keep updated automatically? Or do you now have two places changes need made?

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