IT Policy and Procedure Workshop

Walk away with IT Policies and Procedures for your Organization

Event Details:

When: July 12, 2017
Session Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Continental Breakfast, Lunch and snacks included)
Where: 4301 Darrow Road, Stow, OH 44224
Cost: $150 donation to Blast Glioblastoma, which raises funds for brain tumor research. Just bring a check made out to Blast Glioblastoma with you to the workshop.

During this 7 hour workshop we’ll be working with participants to develop Policies and Procedures specifically for their organization for issues like:

  • Terminating Employees
  • Security Buildings and Offices
  • Responding to Security Incidents
  • Sanction Policy
  • Network Security
  • Access Control (who has access to what)
  • Computer Use
  • Equipment Disposal
  • Bring Your Own Device Policies

Many organizations aren’t consistently defining (and informing) their employees what they’re supposed to do.  Can they work from home using their own system?  Can they install software on their work devices?  What’s supposed to happen to data and accounts when an employee leaves?

We’ll review each of the topics specific to your organization, and give guidance.  At the end of the event you’ll have enough information to form a boiler plate of specifics that you’ll be able to add to your existing Policy and Procedures (you’ll actually develop the boiler plate during the process).

Who Should Attend?

IT and HR professionals who want to understand their options when writing policies and procedures. There's no right or wrong answer, we'll explore the options and you decide what's best for your organization.

Here's what our past participants have to say:

The Policy and Procedure Workshop got the ball rolling for me on the topic. I think I have a foundation now from where to continue this and deploy/write the documents. I recommend this workshop to anyone looking to get the “first step” done. The big picture is more clear to me now.

Christian Healthcare Ministries

Csilla Smith

The Policy and Procedure Workshop brought up issues and items to cover with HR, IT and management in a proactive, highly relevant and ongoing manner. How much better to have an evaluation plan in place in case of heaven forbid a fire at a school, home, or business. Why wait until during or after the event to come up with a response or preparedness plan. I recommend this workshop to anyone looking to 1. Learn the IT policy and procedure issues 2. Learn the talking points, current, ongoing, and developing IT security issues 3. Learn solutions to IT policies and procedures by offering sample policies, procedures, and checklists for developing and implementing IT policies and procedures for computer, data and usage, storage and termination/ending data usage. This workshop made me aware of issues, items, and checklists to address for IT, data usage, storage, and ending of the same.


Anne Schaum

Bob is straightforward and generous with his knowledge. He presents complicated topics in a manner that many can appreciate. I will definitely recommend this workshop to everyone. The need is ample, vulnerabilities abound and companies need intentional policies and procedures to protect themselves. I gained insight in future policy changes I need to implement ASAP. I wish I would have attended 2 weeks earlier so I would have known how to handle an employee who just left.


Education on where we are with security, what areas need to be addressed and help with starting a policy and procedure. It gave me more questions to ask where we want to go with all of this information and where are we more vulnerable. I’d recommend this workshop for sure. For our small company, we need help in learning where we can have issues with our IT and security. Only so much time in a day to run a company, yet these are critical for security. I now have the steps I need to do to start changing the security access to our network. We need Simplex-IT to help with our security!

Vortex Metals

Jeff Stevenson

This workshop made me think of vulnerabilities to my organization. Every company needs to be thinking of and addressing this topic. I realized we need to have a more robust policy and set of procedures.

Campbell Construction

Eric Jones

The workshop exceeded my expectations and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to start implementing good IT policies and procedures. I took away valuable information on tracking not just equipment but outside accounts as well.


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