CyberSecurity Seminar

“10 Critical IT Security Protections EVERY Business Must Have In Place NOW To Avoid Cyber Attacks, Data Breach Lawsuits, Bank Fraud and Compliance Penalties”

Event Details:

When: April 12, 2017
Session Time: 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Where: 4301 Darrow Road, Stow, OH 44224


  • The scary risks of mobile and cloud computing – and 10 critical policies, procedures and protections EVERY business must have in place NOW to protect themselves; overlook even one and you’re exposing yourself to security breaches, damaging and expensive litigation, employment lawsuits and having confidential company information exposed to competitors, hackers and cyber criminals.
  • The #1 security threat to your business that anti-virus, firewalls and other security protocols are defenseless to.
  • A SHOCKING truth about ransonware most businesses don’t know about that could cost you dearly.
  • Why firewalls and anti-virus software give you a false sense of security – and what it REALLY takes to protect your organization against new threats and today’s sophisticated cybercrime rings.

Who Should Attend?

C-Level executives and managers who are concerned about: lost or stolen devices, privacy of confidential information, employment litigation introduced when employees use personal devices to access company data and State and Federal laws that carry heavy fines for lost or stolen data. This is of particular importance for those organizations that handle ANY sensitive data such as credit card and financial information, medical records (or serve clients who have medical records) or who simply want to avoid having their bank account wiped out due to a cyber-attack.

The Time Invested in the Security Audit was Valuable

The Time Invested in the Security Audit was Valuable

Simplex-IT does a much better job of helping us “non-IT folks” understand the issues involved and potential solutions available than the other guys. Simplex-IT comes up with multiple options for an issue rather than just dictate a solution they like or are comfortable with based on previous experience. I feel the time invested in the Security Audit was valuable because it helped me get some further insight into where our vulnerabilities existed and even gave me a few ideas to try to mitigate them further. To anyone that’s undecided about the Security Audit, this process is painless and rather un-intimidating as Bob will structure the interaction in a way that best fits the end user and does not employ a “one-size fits all” approach to this process so you end up getting what you actually need out of the interaction. I always end up learning something when I hear you speak or we talk.

Director of Human Resources
Hy-Production, Inc.

A Staff Engineer was doubling as our IT tech and losing out on billable time.

A Staff Engineer was doubling as our IT tech and losing out on billable time.

I just like the idea of being able to call and rely on somebody that knows what they’re doing and can get it done and not having to spend hours on the computer trying to find the solution. When the phone call goes into these guys, it gets done right away not hours or days later. There is a response normally in less than an hour. It is a pleasure to be able to call Sam or Cary, whom I have come to know more as friends than a client basis…very responsive, very professional, the problem is never not being taken care of. It’s always done and in a very timely manner. A phone call is it. It’s taken care of.

Bramhall Engineering

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With over 40 years’ experience in IT, Bob has worn just about every hat there is. Developer, Network Engineer, IT Director, CIO, Consultant and, since 2007 CEO of Simplex-IT. He created Simplex-IT to be the “good guys” in the IT world, specializing making IT work for small to medium businesses....more"

In elementary school, Matt Pannebaker once drew a picture of a rabbit that got him three gold stars. Since that time he's honed his show-and-tell skills to achieve the positon of Sophos Sales Engineer, covering the great states of Ohio and Kentucky....more"

Dolph Smith is a CISSP and has over 20 years of technical, sales engineering, and sales experience in the information technology field....more"